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Have Aetna? The Health Insurer Might Pay For Your Apple Watch

Do you think an Apple Watch will help keep your health on track? Health insurance provider Aetna thinks it might, and plans to subsidize the cost of the device for some customers.  [More]

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Delta Letting Some Customers Pay To Track Their Pets’ Whereabouts During Cargo Transport

Generally it’s pretty easy to keep tabs on your loved ones when traveling, that is unless they have four legs and can’t fit under the airline seat in front of you. In that case, you’re left to worry about whether or not they made it from the drop-off area at the airport to the plane’s cargo hold before the flight. In an attempt to ease some of the worries passengers face when traveling with their beloved pets, Delta Air Lines has introduced a GPS pet-tracking device. [More]

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Towel Thieves Beware: Hotels Using Chips To Track Linens

I’m not going to say that I’ve ever helped myself to a hotel hand towel, but I’ve heard they could be used to wrap souvenirs when packing. It’s a good thing I’m not this sort of linen thief, as some hotels are using tiny, wash-safe trackers to crack down on guests’ sticky fingers. [More]

Apple Removes Fitbit Products From Online Store For Real

Apple Removes Fitbit Products From Online Store For Real

A few weeks ago, we shared an interesting piece of news with you: there were reports that Apple would stop selling Fitbit wearable devices in its stores in the coming months. This prediction has come true, but only partway: while Fitbit trackers disappeared from the company’s website last Friday, they remain on the shelves of real-life Apple Stores. For now. [More]

Track Free And Cheap Games For Your iPhone Or Touch

Track Free And Cheap Games For Your iPhone Or Touch

There are several apps on the Apple app store that help consumers track sales and free offers from developers, but you have to launch them and check in regularly. The website App Spy offers an automated price tracker for games (just games, unfortunately) that will send you an email whenever a price threshhold is reached. If you tend to be an app junkie, it can help save you money by letting you get your fix on the cheap good stuff.


Hotlist: Deal Tracker

Hotlist: Deal Tracker

Reader Ben liked the Wii inventory tracker, so he sends us this “deal of the day” tracker site. it lists both Tanga, Woot, Overstock, Amazon… as well as many other sites that we can not speak to the awesomeness of, having never tried them. The site lists activity, product, site, the age of the deal, the amount available and the estimated time remaining. Pretty cool. —MEGHANN MARCO