Car Dealerships Still Don’t Understand How Customer Surveys Should Work

Car Dealerships Still Don’t Understand How Customer Surveys Should Work

For years now, we’ve shared stories of how the current system of car dealership surveys is unfair to everyone involved. If you’re in the market for a car or considering a career in car brand marketing, consider how something as simple as a customer service survey has devolved into bullying, pleading, and lies. [More]

NHTSA Denies Second Petition To Open Investigation Into Unintended Acceleration Of Toyota Vehicles

NHTSA Denies Second Petition To Open Investigation Into Unintended Acceleration Of Toyota Vehicles

For the second time this year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced it would not open a probe into millions of Toyota vehicles regarding possible unintended acceleration. [More]

Toyota Reportedly Set To Buy 13 Million Airbag Inflators From Takata’s Rival

Toyota Reportedly Set To Buy 13 Million Airbag Inflators From Takata’s Rival

Automakers have struggled in recent months to get their hands on enough new parts to replace millions of defective Takata airbags. To make matters worse, the Japanese auto parts maker at the center of the massive safety issue has re-recalled hundreds of thousands of replacement parts in recent months because the devices could still harm drivers and their passengers upon deployment. To reduce these risks, Toyota is reportedly looking to purchase millions of new airbag inflators from a rival of Takata.  [More]

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Toyota Adds Another 1.37M Vehicles To The Massive Takata Airbag Recall

Auto manufacturers continue to whittling down the number of unidentified vehicles equipped with potential shrapnel-shooting airbags a month after Japanese parts maker Takata deemed the safety devices defective. The latest round of expanded recalls goes to Toyota, which added another 1.37 million to its recall list. [More]


Toyota, Nissan Add 6.5 Million Vehicles To Takata Airbag Recall; Honda Expected To Follow Suit

Just when you think carmakers have recalled the last of the vehicles equipped with Takata airbags that could spew shrapnel when deployed, more cars are added to that list. Today, Toyota and Nissan expanded their already massive recalls to include an additional 6.5 million vehicles, while Honda has plans to do the same. [More]

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NHTSA Won’t Open Investigation Into Unintended Acceleration In Toyota Corollas

Toyota will not face another probe regarding unintended acceleration in its vehicles, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced over the weekend.


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Toyota Recalls 112,000 Top-Selling Vehicles For Loss Of Power Drive, Steering

When driving a vehicle down a busy highway, one of the last things you want to happen is for the car to lose power steering. But that’s exactly what can happen in nearly 112,500 Toyota vehicles being recalled this week. [More]


Lawsuit Claims Toyota, GM & Ford Deceived Consumers About Hackability Of Connected Cars

A recently filed class action lawsuit claims that Toyota, Ford and General Motors knowingly put consumers at risk by selling connected cars that can be susceptible to hackers looking to remotely control vehicle functionality.  [More]

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West Coast Ports Contract Dispute Means Automakers Must Ship Parts By Plane

The ongoing labor dispute between dockworkers and shipping companies at ports on the West Coast of the United States is affecting more than just the availability of French fries in Japan and Venezuela. McDonald’s has resorted to shipping fries by air, and some auto manufacturers are going to start sending those cargo planes back from Japan filled with car parts. [More]


Federal Jury Orders Toyota To Pay $11M To Victims Of Fatal Crash Involving Sudden Acceleration

A federal jury in Minnesota decided Tuesday that the design of a 1996 Toyota Camry involved in an accident that killed three people and left two seriously injured had a dangerous defect that was partly responsible for the crash, despite the automaker’s claims to the contrary. Toyota now has to pay almost $11 million to the victims.



2.12 Million Honda, Toyota & Chrysler Vehicles Recalled Because Airbags Should Only Deploy In Crashes

Car manufacturers’ troubles with airbags have followed them into the new year, with three manufactures recalling approximately 2.12 million vehicles because the safety devices may deploy at the wrong time. [More]


Toyota Recalls 57,000 Avalon, Prius Vehicles For Fire Risk, Airbag Deployment Issues

For the third time this week an automaker has recalled tens of thousands of vehicles because of a potential fire risk. In addition to recalling 52,000 sedans for wiring issues that could lead to a vehicle fire, Toyota is recalling 5,000 cars whose airbags may not deploy properly. [More]

Toyota announced it would make patents related to fuel cell technology available to competitors royalty-free.

Toyota To Offer Royalty-Free Use Of Fuel Cell Patents To Jump-Start Production Of “Hydrogen Society”

Toyota didn’t exactly announce any new products at its CES press conference on Monday, but the company did give a gift to its competitors: royalty-free use of its hydrogen fuel cell patents. While some companies might feel the need to fiercely guard such game-changing technology, officials at Toyota say sharing the information could mark a turning point in automotive history. [More]

Toyota Plans Commercial Release Of Hydrogen Fueled Mirai This Fall

Toyota Plans Commercial Release Of Hydrogen Fueled Mirai This Fall

Alternative fuel-loving consumers received a bit of good news Monday during Toyota’s CES press conference. The company plans to offer its hydrogen fueled vehicle – Mirai – for consumer purchase this fall. [More]

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Lexus Recalls Nearly 423,000 Sedans Because Fuel Leaks Can Lead To Fires

The only time most consumers want to see a car catch on fire is during a high-action movie. So it’s probably for the best that Toyota issued a recall of nearly 423,000 Lexus vehicles for a fuel leak issue that increases the risk of fire. [More]

First Class-Action Suit Filed Against Takata Over Airbag Defects

First Class-Action Suit Filed Against Takata Over Airbag Defects

With nearly 8 million vehicles recalled, 30 injuries and at least four deaths linked to potentially defective Takata airbags, it should come as no surprise that the Japanese auto parts maker would face its fair share of lawsuits from consumers. [More]

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Toyota Expands Defective Airbag Recall To 247,000 Additional Vehicles In High Humidity Areas

Just days after it was revealed that defective Takata-produced airbags had been linked to three deaths in the United States, Toyota Motor Corp. expanded its recall of vehicles that may employ the safety devices to include 247,000 additional cars. [More]

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Toyota Recalls 1.6M Cars Globally For Fuel And Brake Line Issues

Here’s the thing about brakes, they’re supposed to actually stop a vehicle. And the thing about fuel delivery pipes is they generally make a car, you know, work. When either of those components don’t work properly big problems, such as crashes or fires, can occur. And that’s why Toyota is recalling more than 1.67 million vehicles globally. [More]