Beer Cruise Ends In Disappointment For 121 People After Boat Runs Aground Near Statue Of Liberty

While the Statue of Liberty is definitely a prime tourist attraction, 121 beer enthusiasts were likely not too happy to be run aground near the Green Lady over the weekend, when their booze cruise as unexpectedly cut short. [More]

Zappos Turns Office Tour Into Vegas Tourist Attraction

Zappos Turns Office Tour Into Vegas Tourist Attraction

A Vegas tourist attraction that doesn’t involve hookers, blackjack, or magic? It’s possible! Famed retailer of shoes and joy Zappos opens its office doors to hundreds of people every month, welcoming everyone, not just business executives and crazed fans.


Inside A Netflix Shipping Center

Inside A Netflix Shipping Center

HackingNetflix was invited to tour a Netflix shipping center where 50 employees process as many as 90,000 discs a day. Pretty cool.

Who's Scalping Those Concert Tickets? Artists And Agents, Frequently

Who's Scalping Those Concert Tickets? Artists And Agents, Frequently

The Wall Street Journal reported today that for many big name concert events, the people behind a good deal of the really expensive secondary market tickets are the artists themselves, along with their agents and promoters. Recent concerts where the artists and promoters resold tickets on the secondary market and split the profits with Ticketmaster include Neil Diamond, Bon Jovi, Celine Dion, Van Halen, Billy Joel, Elton John, and possibly Britney Spears.


Riot police had to be called to quell 120 angry Chinese tourists in the Vegas-like resort territory of Macau. The tourists complained they were being forced to shop even though they were on vacation to gamble, and they began rioting after their tour guides took them to a cold beach and locked them out of their tour busses. [Reuters]