Attaching A “Love Lock” To The Brooklyn Bridge Can Now Earn You A $100 Fine

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All we need is love, or so they say, but the New York City doesn’t need padlocks declaring your heart’s desire on the Brooklyn Bridge anymore. [More]


Want A Sandwich From NYC’s Carnegie Deli? You’ve Got Until Dec. 31

If you’re the kind of person who visits New York City just for the sandwiches, you’ll probably want to pay attention: the famed Carnegie Deli announced it’ll be closing its flagship location by the end of the year. [More]

Google Debuts Personalized Travel Planner Dubbed “Google Trips”

Google Debuts Personalized Travel Planner Dubbed “Google Trips”

As anyone who’s ever found themselves standing around a police station in Spain at 3 a.m. calling mom back in the U.S. for their own hotel info can attest, it can be really tough when you’re lost in a foreign country or city without an Internet-connected device. Google wants to make those kinds of experiences easier and help travelers coordinate their activities with a new travel planning app called “Google Trips.” [More]

Hollywood Tour Buses Not Just Lying To Customers, They Could Be Putting Their Lives At Risk

Hollywood Tour Buses Not Just Lying To Customers, They Could Be Putting Their Lives At Risk

Last week we told you about the undercover report that found numerous Hollywood tour bus drivers charging top dollar to just point to random houses and pretend that celebrities live in them. But even if those vans and buses were telling the truth, a follow-up report shows that some drivers and vehicles are not fit to be on the road. [More]


Bad Hollywood Tour Guides Charge $50 To Tell Lies, Put Homeowners At Risk For Stalkers

You’d like to think that if you’re forking over a sizable amount of cash to be shown the sites of Hollywood, your tour guide would at least have some idea what they’re talking about. Yet a new report shows that not only are some of these tour buses apparently fleecing passengers; they’re also putting innocent homeowners in the crosshairs of potentially dangerous stalkers. [More]

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Fewer Foreign Tourists Means Kate Spade’s Sales Are Struggling

Much like fellow tourist destination Abercrombie & Fitch, Kate Spade is having a bit of a tough time right now, partly because there aren’t as many foreigners visiting the U.S. who are willing to shell out big bucks on shopping trips. [More]


New Airbnb Project Seeks To Boost Small Town Tourism

Airbnb is moving beyond assisting homeowners in renting out their properties, and is expanding into small town tourism with a new initiative that’s aimed at inventing new projects to draw in more hosts and renters in smaller, less-traveled communities.

Rio Olympics Selling Knockoff Versions Of Its Own Merchandise

Rio Olympics Selling Knockoff Versions Of Its Own Merchandise

In an effort to circumvent efforts by counterfeiters, organizers of the Rio Olympics have created a line of products that are, well, knockoffs of the Games’ official merchandise. [More]

Rio Drug Dealers Peddling Olympic-Themed Cocaine

Rio Drug Dealers Peddling Olympic-Themed Cocaine

Tourists in Rio de Janeiro will no doubt have their pick of Olympic merchandise to bring home as souvenirs — whether it’s an officially licensed product, or sold out of the back of someone’s truck. But amid the plethora of hats, T-shirts, and sporty knick-knacks, there are other, more dangerous offerings for sale.


Tourist Fined $1K For Straying Off Yellowstone Boardwalk To Collect Thermal Water


Just a week after a tourist died in a geyser at Yellowstone National Park after leaving the park’s designated boardwalk, officials say they fined another visitor for straying out of bounds in an attempt to collect water from the volatile, dangerous hot springs. [More]

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DOT Gives U.S. Airlines The Go-Ahead To Start Scheduled Service To 9 Cuban Cities (But Not Havana Yet)

After waiting for more than 50 years to carry passengers from the U.S. to Cuba, airlines stateside have gotten the final go-ahead from the Department of Transportation to begin scheduled service to nine cities on the island nation — not including Havana. [More]

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Park City Residents Don’t Want Ski Resort To Trademark The Name “Park City”

When you have a business that’s in a popular tourist location, naming your establishment after the city is an obvious way to align yourself with that hotspot, thus, attracting said out-of-towners. That’s why one ski resort’s trademark application for the name “Park City” has the city’s other residents worried for the future of their businesses. [More]


Abercrombie & Fitch May Be Getting Worried Now That European Tourists Aren’t Shopping As Much

Even as Abercrombie & Fitch was struggling to bring American customers back into it stores, there was always one group the retailer good count on: European tourists who flock to the stores, waiting in long lines to purchase A&F-branded clothing. Abercrombie might not be able to count on that foreign bread and butter forever, however. [More]


NYC Police Arrest 21 Vendors Accused Of Shilling Fake Statue Of Liberty Tickets

If you’re planning a trip to New York City, it’s important to know which vendors you can trust to give you a fair deal on the Big Apple’s many attractions. And because not just anyone is allowed to sell access to the city’s tourist gems, the New York Police Department has arrested 21 vendors accused of pushing fake tickets to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. [More]

Cruise Ship Passengers Helping Themselves To Free Coffee & Donuts At Homeless Shelter

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We get it: Cruises can be expensive, and often the food and drink at ports of call can be pricier than what you pay back home. But that doesn’t mean you have to bogart the free coffee and donuts at the homeless shelter near the dock. [More]

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Carnival Cruise Line Hiking Automatic Gratuity Charge By Almost $1

If you’re heading out on the high seas with a Carnival cruise starting next fall, expect to see a heftier automatic gratuity charge on your bill than in journeys past. [More]


Rhode Island Yanks Tourism Video Because Reykjavik Is Not Within State’s Borders

When you’re trying to get people visit your state and see all its wonderful sights, a tourism video can be just the thing to lure travelers. But if that video contains footage of an entirely different locale, say, one that’s out of the country, it’s not going to be a very effective tool for boosting tourism. Rhode Island officials know how that feels now, after they accidentally included stock footage of Reykjavik, Iceland in a video for their home state. [More]

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Airbnb Planning To Offer Add-On Travel Services Like Bike Rentals, Tours

Going on a trip isn’t just about where you lay your head to rest at night, it’s about experiencing the location you’re visiting. And where there are tourists who want to get out and explore, there’s money to be made, which is why Airbnb is planning to offer add-on travel services to customers this year. [More]