Man Claims He Alerted JetBlue He Has Tourette’s, Got Kicked Off Flight For Saying “Bomb” Anyway

Here’s the thing about Tourette Syndrome — from physical to verbal tics, it’s involuntary. That’s why one man with Tourette’s says he alerted the Transportation Security Administration as well as JetBlue of his condition, because he knew he could say something he shouldn’t. Despite that, the man says he was kicked off a flight last week for saying the word “bomb.” [More]

Can A Price Scanner Give You Tourette's? (No, Says Judge)

Can A Price Scanner Give You Tourette's? (No, Says Judge)

I’ve certainly fought back the urge to shout obscenities at the register over the years, but until now I never thought it might be because the laser in the scanner was triggering an inherited tic disorder; I just thought I was angry about something. A woman in Pennsylvania thinks otherwise and sued a convenience store, claiming that when a clerk shone a price scanner’s LED in her daughter’s face and told her to cheer up, the light burned her daughter and triggered Tourette’s-style symptoms. The judge threw out the case earlier this month for lack of evidence. [More]