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Odds Against Tom Brady’s Stolen Super Bowl Jersey Ending Up On eBay

There are a few things that shouldn’t need to be said, and yet, someone ends up saying it anyway. Like, “Resistance is futile,” “One does not simply walk into Mordor,” or, “You won’t get away with selling Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl jersey on eBay.” [More]

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Brewery Worker Declares His Feelings About Tom Brady On The Bottom Of 20,000 Cans Of Beer

If you’ve had a can of Sun King beer recently, you might’ve been holding a vessel bearing one man’s personal feelings on New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, and never have known it. That man is named Biscuit, he works on the brewery’s canning line, and he thinks “TOM BRADY SUX,” according to the “Born on” date on the bottom of more than 20,000 cans of beer. [More]

Comcast Sues The NFL For Breach Of Contract

Comcast Sues The NFL For Breach Of Contract

Comcast has sued the NFL for breach of contract alleging that the league is breaking its contract with Comcast by encouraging the cable giant’s customers to switch to other providers.