Monopoly Fans Vote The Thimble Off The Game Board

Although it was once a common sight around many American homes, odds are, unless you’re an avid sewer, the only thimble you’ve come into contact with recently is the Monopoly game piece. Perhaps it was that lack of relevancy that led to the silver token’s demise: Hasbro announced today that the thimble will no longer pass “Go” in the next generation of Monopoly. [More]


Chuck E. Cheese’s Switches From Tokens To Stored-Value Cards, Annoys Token-Lovers

There are people out there who collect just about everything, and one growing market is arcade tokens. If you have any Chuck E. Cheese’s tokens lurking in a drawer or jewelry box, they’re about to become slightly more valuable: the chain is about to switch from custom-made tokens to stored-value cards, making it easier to track individual players and restore lost balances. [More]

New Hampshire Jails 68-Year-Old Man For Paying Toll With Tokens

New Hampshire Jails 68-Year-Old Man For Paying Toll With Tokens

Meet Thomas Jensen. The state that boasts “Live Free Or Die” jailed him for three days for trying to pay a fifty-cent toll with two tokens. Jensen believes the tokens represent a contract with New Hampshire that was illegally violated last January when the state began exclusively using E-Z Pass. A toll worker refused to accept the tokens and directed Jensen to a state tropper, who issued a citation for theft of services. A judge gave Jensen three choices: pay a $150 fine, perform community service, or spend three days in jail. Jensen chose jail.

Jensen never told his wife he was in jail. Beverly Jensen said she only found out when asked by a television news reporter.

HSBC Offers Secret Transaction Decoder Rings for High Rollers

HSBC Offers Secret Transaction Decoder Rings for High Rollers

Unless your name is Sir Winifred Montegue Moneybanks, don’t expect to hold the item at left in your hands anytime soon. HSBC is rolling out a new security device to give big money blokes in the UK a secure way to conduct complex internet transactions.