AT&T CEO: Letting Us Buy Time Warner Will “Disrupt” TV, Be “Good For Consumers”

AT&T CEO: Letting Us Buy Time Warner Will “Disrupt” TV, Be “Good For Consumers”

When AT&T announced in October that it would spend $85 billion to acquire Time Warner, the plan was met with strong headwinds right out of the gate. A surprisingly broad array of lawmakers, from both sides of the political aisle, immediately voiced concerns. Among the concerned parties? The Senate Judiciary Committee, which today held a hearing examining the impact on competition, and potential antitrust concerns, the merger could raise. [More]

ESPN, ABC, Fox News, Fox Sports All Joining Hulu’s Eventual Live Streaming Service

ESPN, ABC, Fox News, Fox Sports All Joining Hulu’s Eventual Live Streaming Service

Once upon a time (two whole years ago!) the idea of successfully getting an internet-based cable alternative up, running, and profitable seemed, perhaps, like a pipe dream. These days, even though we don’t know if the ventures are exactly profitable, the online competition to get your monthly TV dollars is fierce. And now Hulu is latest player to grab some big headliners for itsplan to start zapping linear TV channels to your online eyeballs. [More]

Consumerist | Sen. Ron Wyden speaking in March, 2016

Senator Concerned AT&T/Time Warner Merger May Create Net Neutrality Violations

Well, that didn’t take long: Although the formal paperwork to make the AT&T / Time Warner merger happen hasn’t yet been filed anywhere for review and approval, several lawmakers have already been out in front of it voicing their sternest disapproval. Joining the club today? Sen. Ron Wyden (OR), who’s asking the FCC to please think of net neutrality, and consumers, when it comes time for merger review. [More]

Why AT&T Is Buying Time Warner, And Why So Many People Aren’t Happy About It

Why AT&T Is Buying Time Warner, And Why So Many People Aren’t Happy About It

The time from new rumor to signed deal was only about two days, and yet here we are: AT&T is putting the moves on Time Warner, planning to bring the content powerhouse under its roof. This proposal will now, of course, have to grind its way through the gears of government approval. But while this proposal is a giant deal for two giant companies, the name that’s likely to come up more than any other in all the comments back-and-forth is neither Time Warner nor AT&T, but rather a competitor: Comcast. [More]

AT&T Confirms $85 Billion Acquisition Of Time Warner Inc.

AT&T Confirms $85 Billion Acquisition Of Time Warner Inc.

After two days of “people close to situation” leaking information about a possible merger between AT&T and Time Warner Inc., the two companies have confirmed the deal which is valued at around $85 billion. [More]

Reports: Possible AT&T/Time Warner Merger Valued At $85 Billion

Reports: Possible AT&T/Time Warner Merger Valued At $85 Billion

This morning, the world woke to find out that AT&T and Time Warner were getting cozy and maybe thinking about moving in together. Now comes news that talks have heated up and that a nearly $90 billion deal could be in the offing. [More]

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Report: AT&T May Be Trying To Buy Time Warner

With the acquisition of DirecTV complete and in the rear-view mirror behind it, AT&T is reportedly setting its eye on a new target to go out and buy: venerable media brand Time Warner. [More]


Time Warner Refuses To Believe I Still Have Internet Access

Time Warner closed Boris’s account, and charged him a fee for not returning his modem. Which is weird, because he never canceled his account. That’s why he didn’t turn his modem. Time Warner sent him to collections over the modem, but there’s still Internet access coming into his house. So he paid the modem fee, and gave up trying to convince the company that they’re making him steal Internet access. [More]


Netflix Bolsters Its Streaming Content In Time Warner Deal, Adds Cartoon Network & More

Netflix has managed to snap up quite a nice catch in a new deal with Time Warner — which in the past had been squirrelly about selling its content for streaming subscription services — wherein it will stream shows from Turner Broadcasting and Warner Bros. That means a lot of Cartoon Network, everybody. Start the applause. [More]

Time Warner CEO Helps Customer on Street Scare Time Warner Employee

From the NY Post (purportedly; We couldn’t find a link, but we’re dumb.)

January 4, 2006 — TIME Warner CEO Dick Parsons stuck up for one of his customers during a stroll down Seventh Avenue on Monday morning. Hedge fund manager Jeff Green was on his cellphone arguing with a Time Warner Cable customer service rep when he recognized Parsons on the street and walked over to him. Parsons patiently listened as Green recounted how he’d gotten up early to pick up a new cable box in person – thus bypassing a $30 installation fee – only to find out the office was closed when he’d been told it would be open. The service rep, who wasn’t being especially cooperative, suddenly changed his tune and agreed to waive the installation fee when Green informed him Parsons was standing next to him and was sympathetic to his plight.

Clearly the answer to our customer service problem is to create more CEOs. As many as one per customer. (Thanks, David!)