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Would You Buy Or Sell Your Vacation Days?

In many of my former workplaces, colleagues could donate their vacation, sick, and personal time to others in the office who were themselves ill or who had a serious illness in the family. It’s a program filled of cooperation and kindness. What if you could have more flexibility in your time off, but in a more cravenly capitalist way? This is already the case in 14% of American workplaces, where employees can “buy” additional vacation time if they want it or sell unwanted time back to the company.  [More]

Leave The Workforce Without Sacrificing Your Retirement

Leave The Workforce Without Sacrificing Your Retirement

If you need to step away from your career for a while to stay at home with your kids or care for an elderly or incapacitated loved one, your automatic systems for saving for retirement will probably shut down. In order to make sure you don’t jeopardize your nest egg, you’ll need to make adjustments to account for your decreased savings power. [More]