No, Carlton From “Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” Did Not Endorse This Diet Supplement

We recently told you about the lawsuit filed by a weight-loss supplement company against an online complaints forum, claiming the website had illegally allowed customers to violate a non-disparagement clause by posting negative reviews. Now that supplement company is taking some heat for posting a supposedly bogus endorsement from actor Alfonso Ribeiro (AKA, the guy who played Carlton on Fresh Prince of Bel Air). [More]

Feds: ADT Paid “Independent” Experts To Shill For Pulse Security System

When you see a so-called expert on the Today Show talking up a product, you might reasonably assume that this expert is giving you an honest opinion that hasn’t been tainted by cash or gifts. Alas, not every company is up front about the fact that they paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their product mentioned on TV by not-exactly-independent experts. [More]