the rent is too damn high

Alan Levine

Sorry, Class Of 2015: You Will Have To Be At Least 75 Before You Can Retire, Study Says

Retirement always feels like forever away when you’re in your early twenties. But for the young adults among the most recent cohort of college graduates, the age of retirement really is receding further and further into the distance than it is for their older peers. [More]


Hailo Enlists The Help Of “The Rent Is Too Damn High” Guy In Anti-Uber Campaign

When two companies are competitive, there’s something to be said about making your side of the battle highly visible to the public. And how do you do that? Hire a celebrity, or if you’re car service app Hailo, get the former New York mayoral and gubernatorial candidate otherwise known as the “The Rent Is Too Damn High” guy to take shots at Uber’s rates. [More]

Can Verizon Hike My Cable Box Rent In The Middle Of A Contract?

Can Verizon Hike My Cable Box Rent In The Middle Of A Contract?

Jeanne has had her Verizon FiOS settop boxes for three years now, and the rent for them has remained the same. Until now. The difference is only a dollar, but what vexes her is that she just signed a contract in order to get a discount on her service. They shouldn’t be able to raise the rent when she’s signed a contract. Should they? And why is the rent higher when she still has the same old boxes? [More]