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AT&T Customers Can Now Use Amazon’s Alexa To Send Text Messages

AT&T Customers Can Now Use Amazon’s Alexa To Send Text Messages

Amazon is adding another feature to make life easier for Echo users, well, at least those with AT&T wireless plans: AT&T customers can now tell Alexa to send text messages. [More]

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Digital Textbook Codes Mean No Selling Used Books, Higher Prices

While the price of course materials has fallen overall, there’s one specific course material that’s pricey and possibly unexpected. Digital content codes give students access to materials like quizzes, study materials and digital-only extra books, but much like digital music or ebooks, they can’t be exchanged or resold. That means publishers set the price, and there’s no secondary market. [More]

Be Honest: You’re Facebooking While You Drive

Be Honest: You’re Facebooking While You Drive

There’s no formal study backing us up on this, but we’d guess that 100% of drivers (and Internet commenters) condemn people who text or check the Internet while they drive. Like many terrible, terrible habits, though, we humans condemn things that we ourselves do. A lot. According to a new survey by insurance company State farm, 24% of drivers admit to some kind of keyboard-related activity while driving. [More]


New York Hopes Designated Highway Texting Stops Will Make You Put Phone Down

How many times have you seen a “Rest stop ahead – 10 miles” sign on a long car trip and felt relieved to know that there was coffee and bathroom facilities within reach? New York State is hoping that you will keep your phone at your side and feel similar relief when you see a sign telling you the distance to the next designated texting spot. Will the new signs change drivers’ habits?  [More]