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More Than 2,000 Amiga Games Now Online

More Than 2,000 Amiga Games Now Online

Update: As of Aug. 12 the Amiga games are no longer available. The Internet Archive removed the games and software for further development after completing a beta test.

Long before we wandered the streets, using our smartphones to hunt virtual creatures, some of us huddled around bulky home computers like the Commodore Amiga to play Bubble Bobble, Double Dragon, and (when the parents weren’t looking) Leisure Suit Larry. Now you can relive that aspect of your youth thanks to a new online library of thousands of Amiga games available to play for free. [More]

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The Oregon Trail Lives Again In Browsers As The Internet Archive Adds 2,400 MS-DOS Games

You’ve been missing it for so long, you didn’t even know it until now, when the sweet feelings of relief are about to wash over you: You can play The Oregon Trail again in most Internet browsers, no MS-DOS needed, thanks to its addition along with around 2,400 titles to The Internet Archive this week. [More]