the final frontier

(Erin Turowski)

100 Finalists Left To Compete For 24 One-Way Tickets To Mars

It’s been almost two years since Mars One started taking applications for people who wanted a free one-way ticket to the red planet, in order to set up an inflatable habitat and settle off-world forever and ever. Out of the 202,586 applicants, the non-profit group of scientists and entrepreneurs says the finalists competing for 24 total spots have been winnowed down to a (lucky?) group of 50 men and 50 women. And again, of course the whole thing is going to be a reality TV show. [More]

(Teresa RS)

FAA Allowing Companies To Start Claiming Territory On The Moon

As if splashing corporate names and logos all over our stadiums, arenas and every billboard on every highway and byway wasn’t enough, the Federal Aviation Administration says it’s allowing companies to start claiming landing and launching spots… on the moon. [More]

Midwest Airlines To Take Frontier Name, Still Offer Cookies

Midwest Airlines To Take Frontier Name, Still Offer Cookies

Since they both were acquired by the same holding company last year, it’s been an inevitability that both Midwest Airlines and Frontier would eventually end up flying under the same brand, but it remained to be seen whether one would fold into the other or there would be a completely new name. That mystery ended this morning with Republic announcing that, as of today, Midwest will now be part of the Frontier family. [More]