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Feds Bust Group Of 7-Eleven Stores For Allegedly Exploiting Immigrants, Stealing Their Pay

While it’s not particularly shocking that there are undocumented workers currently employed in this country, one of the biggest problems is that oftentimes employers aren’t treating those immigrants fairly. One such case unearthed by the federal government claims that nine owners and managers of 7-Eleven stores in Long Island, N.Y. and Virginia were involved in a scheme that not only used stolen Social Security numbers to employ such workers, but also stole a large part of  the wages they’d (illegally) earned. [More]

Lawsuit Claims 70-Year-Old Woman Illegally Downloaded Porn

Lawsuit Claims 70-Year-Old Woman Illegally Downloaded Porn

“Grandma, what are you doing on the Internet? Oh, downloading porn illegally?” Yeah, that scenario doesn’t seem too likely, but nonetheless, a 70-year-old woman is being told to pay up in a settlement pushed by a Chicago law firm, claiming she and others pirated porn. [More]