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Tetris Is Being Made Into A Live-Action Movie For Some Reason

Perhaps in a quest to ensure that a new generation of people will go to sleep every night with shapes floating behind their eyelids, someone is making a full-length live-action movie of the popular 1980s video game, Tetris. Aaaaaaaand cue that song that never fails to get in your head. [More]


Finally You Can Turn Your Sandwich Into Tetris PIeces

If you’ve always secretly wanted a sandwich in the shape of most of the Tetris pieces, have we got the sandwich mold for you! Though, as Drew at The Worst Things For Sale points out, if you’re old enough to love Tetris, you’re probably also old enough that you don’t need the crusts cut off your sandwiches. [Amazon]


Best Posts Ever, This Week

Best Posts Ever, This Week

Our most popular posts this week that had nothing to do with retention policies or call centers.

Best Buy: “Oh Yeah, Tetris Breaks All The Time.”

Best Buy: “Oh Yeah, Tetris Breaks All The Time.”

Here at Gawker Tower (actually, a giant disused school bus turned vertically that was used by local teens for sex parties until the smell got too bad), we really love the circle jerk. So it was nice when our geeky, mouth-breathing colleagues over at Kotaku took time out of their busy schedule of writing about video games and wondering what it might be like to touch the soft mound of a woman’s breast while she was conscious to pass on a reader email, indicating a new protection plan scam from our buddies at Best Buy.