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After Twitter Snafu, T-Mobile Reminds Customers Who's Boss

After Twitter Snafu, T-Mobile Reminds Customers Who's Boss

Last weekend, T-Mobile users who sent SMS updates to their Twitter feeds found that their messages were being blocked. Naturally, tempers flared. Many customers contacted T-Mobile to complain about the problem, but T-Mobile had no answer for the sudden blockage. (It turns out it was a technical glitch on Twitter’s end.) What’s interesting is that T-Mobile’s Executive Customer Relations rep responded to one user’s complaints with a hardcore reminder that when it comes to customer rights, his pretty much begin and end with being required to pay his bill on time. Nice PR work there, T-Mobile.

My name is Marianne Maestas and I am with the Executive Customer Relations department of T-Mobile. I am contacting you on behalf of Mr. Robert Dotson in regards to the email that you sent him yesterday evening.

We Post Sprint Supervisor's Direct Line, She Changes It, Leaving Message Blaming Us

In the message, Judy advises customers to call Sprint’s main line at 877-812-1223 and wait their turn for incompetent service just like anybody else.

Text Message Packages Hamstring Sprint Cancellations

Text Message Packages Hamstring Sprint Cancellations

An important caveat for those trying to cancel their Sprint service over the recent rate hike: If you’re on a text message plan, where you get say 1000 message for $10 or 300 messages for $5, this trick may not work for you, at least not at first blush.

Sprint Retention Department Phone Numbers

Here’s two extra phone numbers that may help you if you’re trying to cancel Sprint.

Defeat Sprint’s Rate Hike Cancellation Lies

Defeat Sprint’s Rate Hike Cancellation Lies

Sprint’s retention department is trying its darnedest to prevent customers from jumping out a window of opportunity that would let them cancel service without penalty.

Oct31 Deadline For Free Sprint Contract Killing

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Cancel Your Cellphone By Dying

Cancel Your Cellphone By Dying

Here’s a tip for quitting your cellphone AND avoiding cancellation fees, straight from the mouth of a former wireless call center rep, Davros.

Mobile With a Capital T And That Spells Trouble

My T-Mobile horror story is actually related to our business account. I work for a relatively small telecom company (we don’t do wireless) and for about a year my job here was to dispute any errors in billing with our vendors (sad that that’s a full time job).