Apple Reportedly, Maybe, Possibly Thinking About Bringing iMessage To Android Devices

Apple Reportedly, Maybe, Possibly Thinking About Bringing iMessage To Android Devices

If there’s one feeling that many iOS users share, it’s the anticipatory rush you get when you see those three blinking dots in the iMessage app that means someone is typing (unless they just stop and destroy you entirely). Android users may someday share that distinct emotion, according to renewed buzz. [More]


Report: Apple Taking A Big Step Back From Electric Car Plans

A little over a year ago, Apple was speeding up its quest to join the electric car market, announcing that it hoped to have a vehicle ready by 2019. Fast forward to today, and the company is reportedly putting the brakes on that plan. [More]

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 Debacle Will Likely Cost Company $3B

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 Debacle Will Likely Cost Company $3B

Surprise! All the trouble Samsung has had with its Galaxy Note 7 — the non-recall, the official recall, scrapping the production of the devices, and finally, the recall of replacement phones — is going to hit the company where it hurts: right in the piggy bank. [More]

Snapchat Has Reportedly Hired Itself Some Bankers Ahead Of Rumored IPO

Snapchat Has Reportedly Hired Itself Some Bankers Ahead Of Rumored IPO

The wheels of the rumor mill are busy turning once again, with a new report saying that Snapchat is hunting around for bankers in preparation for an initial public offering. [More]

Oculus Developing A Lower-End, Standalone Virtual Reality Device

Oculus Developing A Lower-End, Standalone Virtual Reality Device

If you’re one of those people who was perhaps interested in buying the Oculus Rift, only you don’t own a computer powerful enough to handle it, the Facebook-owned company says it’s got a new virtual reality product in the works that won’t require a Windows PC or even a mobile phone to use it. [More]


Researchers Develop Device That Can Detect Emotions With Wireless Signals

“Hey, buddy. You seem a little down, how about I order you a cheeseburger?” In the future, you could find yourself responding to that kind of a pep talk from your smartphone: a new device created by the bright minds at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a device that can detect emotions by reading wireless signals bouncing off a person. [More]

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Lenovo Says It’s Talked With Amazon About Bringing Alexa To PCs

We’ve gotten used to Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa adding new capabilities to her repertoire, like buying Prime-eligible products, paying credit card bills, ordering pizza, and then leading workouts to exercise off said pizza, but thus far she’s done it all from within the Amazon’s line of devices like the Echo and Echo Dot. That might be changing. [More]

Apple Might Be Planning First Big Update To MacBook Pro Laptops In 4 Years

It’s been more than four years since Apple last announced updates to its line of MacBook Pro laptops, but there could be changes coming down the line, according to a new report. [More]

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Comcast Would Rather Be More Like Tesla Than Netflix

While it remains to be seen what Comcast’s Next Big Thing will be — though it probably won’t be a streaming TV product — there’s one thing the company knows for sure: it doesn’t want to be anything like those Netflix guys. [More]


Here Are Some Of The Rumors Going Around About The Next Apple Gadgets

It seems like immediately upon Apple releasing new products, the rumor mill gets to chugging along again, with folks trying to predict what the company will come out with next. It can be hard to stay on top of those rumors, so we thought we’d help. [More]

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Southwest Airlines CEO Says He Won’t Be Leaving Despite Four Union Votes Of “No Confidence”

Days after the Southwest Airlines pilots union — and three other airline employee unions — took a vote of no confidence and called for the resignation of CEO Gary Kelly, blaming the head honcho for a massive technical glitch that canceled 700 flights and stranded thousands of passengers last week, the man in charge says he isn’t going anywhere.  [More]

Tech Would Allow Users To Touch, Interact With Objects In Video

Tech Would Allow Users To Touch, Interact With Objects In Video

Just when you thought virtual reality couldn’t be any more like reality, engineers go and find a way to let you actually touch and interact with the objects coming at you from your VR headset. [More]

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Google, GlaxoSmithKline Partner For $715M Bioelectronic Medicines Firm

Most of us have used Google to find out more about existing medications, but the tech giant also has a life sciences division, which has now entered into a $715 million partnership with big pharma biggie GlaxoSmithKline to form a new company focused on fighting disease through technological innovations. [More]


Glitch In Auto-Feeding App Could Leave Pets Waiting For Meals

The internet of things provides convenience in basically any area of your life, but that technology can also become quite inconvenient when technical issues arise. For pet owners who used an auto-feeding system controlled by an app, that meant their furry friends might’ve missed a few meals when the app’s servers suffered an outage. [More]

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3 Reasons We Don’t Fully Embrace New Things Right Away

At opposite ends of the shopping spectrum, you have the early adopters who rush to embrace the newest and shiniest products the moment they hit the market, and then you have those who choose to clutch on to the familiar, refusing to change until they have no choice. Even those of us in the middle have likely found ourselves hesitating at some point, reluctant to try something new. Is there some innate distrust in most humans that makes it difficult to fully embrace the latest innovations?

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Google Wants To Make Mobile Ads Less Annoying By Making Them Load Faster

Mobile ads are horrible. They eat up too much data [link] and load slowly, resulting in a growing number of wireless users turning to ad-blockers. In an effort to improve the mobile browsing experience — and, oh yeah, protect its sizable stream of ad revenue — Google is looking to speed up load times for ads.  [More]

How To Avoid Shady Third-Party Apps Piggybacking On Popularity Of Pokémon Go

How To Avoid Shady Third-Party Apps Piggybacking On Popularity Of Pokémon Go

Amid the crowds of roving Pokémon Go players out there following virtual monsters around with their phones, there are likely some who might be interested in downloading third-party or ancillary apps to help you in your quest. But like with any popular tech phenomenon, there could be dark forces lurking out there, shady apps that you should avoid. [More]

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DNA Molecules Can Now Store Hundreds Of Megabytes Of Digital Data

In a scene that could be straight out of Battlestar Galactica or Caprica, researchers from Microsoft and the University of Washington say they have found a way to successfully encode and store hundreds of megabytes of data in synthetic DNA molecules. [More]