Cingular Shuts Off TDMA Service In Arizona Five Weeks Ahead Of Schedule

CingularThe new AT&T has shutdown the old AT&T’s TDMA network in Arizona, five weeks ahead of schedule. Reader Kevin sends us his complaint to the Better Business Bureau.

    “I [contacted] Cingular Wireless on February 25, 2007 and was told that the old AT&T TDMA network was shutdown early in Arizona. I was given no notice that my phone would no longer work after February 23, 2007. Quite the contrary, the Cingular text message and website specifically state that service would be ending March 31, 2007. Now I am stuck with a worthless phone and a balance of $93.00 that I can’t use.”

Time Division Multiple Access is an anachronistic communications protocol that Cingular is phasing-out in favor of GSM. Most Cingular customers are unaffected by the shutdown. Subscribers with older phones and certain Free2Go customers may be screwed. Anyone stuck with a TDMA phone in an area without TDMA service can call Cingular (611 and 911 should still work) and request either a GSM phone, or a refund for unused minutes.

BREAKING: Cingular Shuts Off TDMA Service

Starting today, Cingular is shutting off TDMA cellphone service in Toledo.

Old Phone? Cingular Charges You $5 More

Old Phone? Cingular Charges You $5 More

Cingular plans to start charging customers with older model cellphones five extra bucks in order to poke them towards upgrading.