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Judge Upholds Sale Of Woman’s Home Prompted By Unpaid $6.30 Tax Bill

A woman who’s been fighting for home since it was sold in 2011 at auction has suffered a setback after a judge ruled the sale can stand. She failed to pay a $6.30 interest fee on a late tax bill, but has been living in the home since its sale in an effort to keep it. [More]


Woman Who Lost Her $280K Home Over $6.30 In Unpaid Interest Could Get It Back

File this one under “H” in the How Can This Possibly Have Happened files: For about the same price you’d pay for a value meal at a fast food joint, a Pennsylvania widow lost her house. This, because she failed to pay $6.30 in interest on that $280,000 home. She’s getting another chance to argue that she should keep her home, however. [More]