Tauntaun Sleeping Bags Almost Ready To Ship – Win A Free One!

ThinkGeek’s tauntaun sleeping bag is nearly here! It’s so close, you can almost smell it. They’ll start shipping in early November. In the meantime, if you can’t justify spending $100 on the greatest piece of Star Wars memorabilia ever, you can enter their pumpkin carving contest to win one. Or a bunch of other prizes we don’t care about.

Tauntaun Sleeping Bags Closer To Reality

Tauntaun Sleeping Bags Closer To Reality

For April Fools’ Day 2009, ThinkGeek launched a tauntaun sleeping bag as a fake-yet-awesome product. As everyone knows, pranks make the best market research, and now LA Weekly reports that they are going ahead with the product. Yes!

Fake April Fools' Day Product Sparks Demand For Real Version

Fake April Fools' Day Product Sparks Demand For Real Version

Of all companies, ThinkGeek should know that you never taunt a sci-fi nerd with something movie related unless it really exists. Yesterday the company revealed its annual page of fake products to trick customers, including squeezable bacon spread and a “Unicorn Chaser” soft drink. The best product of all, however, was this Tauntaun sleeping bag (check out the tiny lightsaber on the zipper pull!), which sparked so much demand that the company is looking into selling it for real.