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Citibank May Have Double-Charged Customers Using Its Bill-Pay App

Whoopsadaisy! Citigroup has accidentally been charging many customers more than what they owe for months, with some of them not even realizing it was going on until the bank sent out a notification. Cit’s bill-pay app for iPads was the culprit in many cases, charging customers twice what they owed for bills or mortgage payments. [More]

Report Lists The Top Scams Of 2011, Somehow Nigerian Email Tricksters Weren't The Worst

Whether it’s being suckered into thinking you won a super awesome prize that requires a payment to collect it, or some aristocrat in Nigeria needs your help and money to collect on a big financial settlement, consumers were hit by a lot of scams last year. A new report lists the top 10 schemes consumers fell prey to in 2011. [More]