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Cantaloupe Farmers Sentenced To Probation For Role In Deadly Listeria Outbreak

After pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges in October related to their role in the 2011 outbreak of listeria that killed about three dozen people, two cantaloupe farmers were sentenced to five years’ probation yesterday. That sentence includes six months in home detention. [More]

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Cantaloupe Farmers Plead Not Guilty To Charges Linked With 2011 Listeria Outbreak

It seems like only yesterday we were eying every cantaloupe with suspicion in the midst of the listeria epidemic that sickened at least 100 and killed 33 people in 2011. It’s been two years since the Food and Drug Administration said it believed the outbreak was due to dirty equipment at cantaloupe farms, and now those melon farmers are pleading not guilty on charges linked to the outbreak. [More]