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Apple Sues Samsung, Alleging It Copied iPad, iPhone

Apple Sues Samsung, Alleging It Copied iPad, iPhone

In the corporate method of waving your hand to tell the teacher the kid at the desk next to you has been peeking at its paper, Apple filed a lawsuit alleging Samsung copied the “look and feel” of its iPad and iPhone. It seems Samsung’s Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S 4G, Epic 4G and Nexus S drew too much inspiration from istuff for Apple’s liking. [More]

Act Surprised, Apple Is Making iPad 2

Act Surprised, Apple Is Making iPad 2

Spies say Apple is already in production of the follow-up to last year’s iPad, and the upcoming model will include a feature that was conspicuously aspect from the original — a camera. The sequel will be lighter and boast more memory, as well as a superior graphics processor. [More]

Indian Government Announces $35 Tablet Computer

Indian Government Announces $35 Tablet Computer

Want a tablet computer but don’t have the cash? There’s some good news for you, the government in India has just unveiled the prototype of a tablet they claim will only cost around $35 each. [More]