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Hungry Sea Lion Pup Seats Herself In A Booth At Fancy San Diego Restaurant

Hungry Sea Lion Pup Seats Herself In A Booth At Fancy San Diego Restaurant

We’ve heard tales of animals taking a walk on the tame side and frequenting human businesses before, but usually we’re talking about bears, more bears, deer, more deer, and other strictly land animals. Things are a bit different in San Diego, where a hungry sea lion pup eschewed the surf and took a table for herself at a fancy seaside restaurant. [More]


Solo Diner Sues Portland Restaurant For $100K Claiming Staff Refused To Serve Her On Valentine’s Day

On the one hand, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a table for one for Valentine’s Day, or any day. On the other hand, restaurants want to fit as many patrons as they can on busy nights like Feb. 14. So is it wrong to boost a patron when the other half of her reservation can’t make it?


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Study: Most Meals In America Are Now Eaten Solo

Did you eat breakfast on your own today? What about lunch — did you grab a bite with friends or eat something at your desk while pondering why it’s taken so long for your Netflix DVD to arrive? If so, then maybe you’ll be pleased to know that you’re part of the majority of Americans who consume those meals without a companion. [More]

The Hidden Costs Of Being Single

The Hidden Costs Of Being Single

When you’ve got to pull your own weight, without a roommate or significant other to help you get by, you may find the burden is harder than you imagined — especially if you’ve recently come out of a relationship.