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Keep These Food Safety Tips In Mind While Serving Snacks On Super Bowl Sunday

You might think that throwing some hot cheese chili dip and shrimp cocktail on the table is all fun and games, and well, it is. But you should still be careful while serving snacks this Super Bowl Sunday so as to prevent getting guests sick. There are a few tips to keep your food safe and make sure your guests leave happy and not clutching their stomachs. [More]

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What Is This “Football” You Speak Of? Survey Says 91% Of Consumers Excited For Super Bowl Ads

You’ve got your chicken wings ready, the remote has fresh batteries and the perfect spot is staked out on the couch. Does it even matter that there will be a football game airing during the Super Bowl, or are you just excited to see the ads? A new survey says 91% of consumers gearing up for the big day are also pumped about seeing the commercials. [More]


Ticketmaster CEO Takes Pity On 49ers Fans Who Fell Victim To Super Bowl Ticket Craigslist Scam

We’ve warned readers many times about the dangers of Craigslist or other online scams, especially in the weeks leading up to big events like the Super Bowl, but for one couple and their family, paying $5,900 for tickets to the game made it seem like a legit deal. Oh, but it wasn’t. And while their story has a happy ending (spoiler alert), there are many scamees who aren’t so lucky. [More]


We Know We Love Them But Why Are Chicken Wings So Popular At Super Bowl Time?

Chicken wings are a powerful food — they lead people to crime and cause us to worry about their price going up. But why are they so important during Super Bowl parties? Is Taco Bell right, are vegetables the losers and fried foods the necessary snack material for the big game?  Though we’ve come to accept their presence every February, the popularity of chicken wings all leads back to the humble sports bar. [More]

Veggies? How dare you?!?

Taco Bell Pulls Ad That Says Everyone Will Hate You For Bringing Veggies To Gameday Parties

Taco Bell is such a mean girl. At least according to customers who complained that the fast food chain was being way harsh on vegetables and making fun of them for being the most unpopular snack at any gameday party in a new ad. The company decided to pull the ad yesterday after people got up in arms on Twitter for the veggie smackdown. [More]

Amy Poehler will be the star of this year's Best Buy Super Bowl ad, but will shoppers care?

Best Buy Banking On Amy Poehler To Break Its Super Bowl Ad Losing Streak

In 2011, Best Buy joined the exclusive club of Super Bowl advertisers to promote a buy-back program (which we spoiled weeks in advance) that has all but vanished. Last year, it hired a roster of tech biggies to bolster its image as a knowledgeable electronics retailer — and was greeted by chirping crickets. [More]


With Average Prices Of $3K Already, So Begins The 2013 Super Bowl Ticket Frenzy

Hurray! Your team won the AFC or the NFC championships, congratulations and no the rest of us aren’t bitter that Aaron Rodgers isn’t in the Super Bowl*. If you’ve had your heart set on rooting on either the Baltimore Ravens or the San Francisco 49ers in the big game, we hope you’ve been saving up. Ticket prices are already going for an average of about $3,195.14. [More]

We would not be shocked if someone took this person up on their offer to rent out their Subaru for $1,800/night.

Sleeping In This Guy’s Car For $1,800/Night Might Be A Better Deal Than Other Super Bowl Rentals

Though this year’s Super Bowl is irrelevant because of its lack of Eagles, there are apparently still enough people out there who want to attend the festivities that the illegal short-term lease market is booming in New Orleans. [More]

Everything you could ever need -- assuming you only drink Bud Lite, Pepsi and eat Doritos.

Doritos, Pepsi & Bud Light Join Forces To Form Huge Supermarket Display Voltron

Sick of going separate sections of the supermarket to buy beer, soda and snacks? Then the folks at PepsiCo and Anheuser-Busch InBev N.V. have created the monster one-stop display for you. [More]


It’ll Cost Companies A Pretty Penny To Run A Super Bowl Ad This Year At A Record $4 Million

Every year it feels like we allow our jaws to drop in shock at the price of a 30-second Super Bowl ad slot and yet every year the price to do so just keeps climbing. This year it’ll cost advertisers somewhere around a cool $4 million or even more to dazzle viewers with the best commercials they can come up with. That’s a record price — and in some cases, it’ll cost even more. [More]

GM Says It'll Pass On Advertising On TV During The Super Bowl

GM Says It'll Pass On Advertising On TV During The Super Bowl

First General Motors was all like, “Facebook advertising? That’s for nerds, it doesn’t work!” and now the automaker has announced it’s not going to go for Super Bowl ads in 2013, either. [More]

Indianapolis Measles Outbreak Traced Back To Super Bowl Village

Bringing in travelers from afar, or even just other cities, has proved that anyone is vulnerable to diseases during large events. And what’s bigger than the Super Bowl? Unfortunately for this year’s host state, Indiana is in the midst of battling a major measles outbreak after the big game between the Giants and the Patriots. [More]

Clint Eastwood Denies Political Slant In Chrysler Super Bowl Ad

Last year, people around the country cheered Chrysler’s ad touting the phoenix-like rebirth of Detroit and American automakers. But it’s an election year, so the car company’s most recent TV spot, featuring Mr. Grizzle himself, Clint Eastwood, has been attacked by some as being propaganda for the Obama administration. [More]

Maybe Super Bowl Ads Are Too Cheap

The price of a 30-second ad slot during the Super Bowl goes up every year. In 2012, ad time is going for $3,500,000 per spot, or $116,666.67 per second. But maybe everyone involved is looking at this wrong. Maybe the eyeballs of the nation and the free publicity that comes along with buying a slot during the game are worth more than that, and networks should truly let the market decide. [More]

No Matter How Great Those Super Bowl Commercials Are, Don't Forget To Pee

We know you don’t want to look up the Super Bowl commercials on the Internet the day after, that’s how dedicated you are to viewing each and every one when they air, but please, for the love of your urinary tract, don’t forget to get up and pee at some point. [More]

Best Buy To Use Super Bowl Ad To Try To Convince You They Know About Electronics

During last year’s Super Bowl, Best Buy tried to use not-at-all-a-flash-in-the-pan teen star Justin Bieber and slurring punchline Ozzy Osbourne in a failed attempt to announce its Buy Back upsell program that we’ve barely heard about since. For this Sunday’s big ad the retailer, inspired by the death of Steve Jobs and the fact that people seemed to like him, has turned to tech innovators to convince customers it’s not just a showroom for Amazon and Newegg. [More]

How To Save While Throwing A Super Bowl Party

How To Save While Throwing A Super Bowl Party

If your social circle converges on your house to watch the best commercials of the year and the obligatory football that plays out in between, the burden to host a Super Bowl party can ravage your budget like University of Arizona product Rob Gronkowski does hapless secondaries. But you can cut corners here and there to trim costs without letting your frugality show. [More]

Only 246 Fans Jilted At Last Year's Super Bowl Agree To Attend This Year's For Free

Only 246 Fans Jilted At Last Year's Super Bowl Agree To Attend This Year's For Free

At last year’s Super Bowl in Dallas, 3,200 ticket-holding fans were denied the chance to take their seats because some seating was deemed unsafe. The league offered the displaced fans some make-good of options, including entry to this year’s game in Indianapolis. Only 246 of the bumped ticketholders took the NFL up on its deal to attend. [More]