Bagatelle's $470 sundae and $530 ring.

Please Stop Adding Inedible Things To Novelty Menu Items Just To Make Them Super Expensive

We get it — your sandwich/burger/dessert isn’t exciting enough, so what do you do, as a restaurant owner who wants to create a buzz? You add precious metals that you otherwise wouldn’t eat to a grilled cheese or a piece of jewelry to a sundae, crank the price up, call it a Super Expensive Food Item and get everyone talking about it. But listen, if I can’t eat it and/or it doesn’t taste good on its own, don’t include it with my food. [More]

National Customer Service Week Topped With Nacho Cheese

Charity Sarabosing does got a first place trophy for customer service. And some carts came around to her cubicle and gave her free nachos AND a sundae!!! AWESOME!!!