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Cablevision, Suddenlink Owner Altice May Join U.S. Cell Phone Market

With only four major U.S. wireless providers (and possibly three, if T-Mobile and Sprint merge), and a growing number of Americans whose primary connection to the world is through their phones, it makes sense that traditional cable operators are realizing they need to go mobile to reach cord-cutters and cord-nevers. Altice, the Dutch parent company of Cablevision and Suddenlink, is the latest cable biggie to say it may jump into the wireless fray stateside.


You Have To Pay Suddenlink Whether They Bill You Or Not

You have to pay your bills, whether you’ve received a bill or not. That’s not much of a newsflash to most adults, but it’s kind of a problem for Ted. While he was deployed overseas, Suddenlink decided to stop sending e-bills to his bank. He could deal with those bills easily online, but it’s harder to pay a bill if you don’t receive one. They tried to sell him on autopay services. “Nice try,” said Ted. [More]

I Paid My Bill In Person, Suddenlink Doesn’t Believe Me

I Paid My Bill In Person, Suddenlink Doesn’t Believe Me

E. knows that he paid his Suddenlink (ISP/cable) bill, but Suddenlink doesn’t. Which is interesting, because he physically went to one of their offices, wrote a check that left a carbon copy, and paid the bill. You would think that this would be a sufficient evidence trail for Suddenlink. It was not. [More]