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Mandy Jansen

Man Accused Of Robbing 4 Subway Restaurants: “Jared Diet” Didn’t Work

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but no one ever said anything about cold cuts specifically being involved: An Alabama man accused of robbing four Subway restaurants reportedly said he did it because he tried “the Jared diet” and wasn’t pleased with the results. [More]

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Subway Crosses Its Heart, Swears To Die: From Now On, All Footlongs Will Indeed Be 12 Inches

Whether it’s because of the way bread rises and how it’s baked or there’s some nefarious conspiracy afoot, perhaps now everyone can simmer down about Subway’s Footlongs not always being in fact, a foot long. Subway is telling the world that honest, guys, we never meant to make a sandwich 11 or 11.5 inches, so please believe us and stop being so cranky. Not in so many words, but that’s the gist. [More]

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Ex-Subway Sandwich Artist On Short Footlongs: You Still Get The Same Amount Of Ingredients

Unless you’ve been hiding under a gluten-free rock, by now you’ve heard about Subway customers who are enraged, simply enraged, to the point of suing, that their so-called Footlong sandwiches are measuring only 11 or 11.5 inches. But while some might point to an evil corporate conspiracy at work, one ex-sandwich artist says we should probably relax, as the amount of ingredients in each sandwich should be the same. [More]


Subway Worker Hurls Hot Soup At Robber Because It Hurts More Than Freshly-Baked Bread

Sometimes it’s not about being particularly strong or skilled with self-defense techniques, it’s just about using the materials at hand to  protect yourself. If you’ve got some hot soup around to fight off a would-be robber, well, that works a lot better than plenty of other foodstuffs. A Subway sandwich worker had to improvise when facing a masked man and managed to pull off a successful defense. [More]

Subway Sandwiches Now With Rusty Bolt Goodness!

Subway Sandwiches Now With Rusty Bolt Goodness!

According to News 10, Josh Sjowall ordered a foot-long roast beef combo at a Subway store in Tracy, California. As he picked up the sandwich he felt a foreign object with his thumb and discovered it was a rusty bolt. And oh yes, Subway is….”taking it very seriously.” Details and photo, inside…