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Man Who Exercised 1st Amendment Rights By Stripping At Airport Still Owes TSA $1K

Remember the man who stripped down to his birthday suit at an Oregon airport to express his First Amendment rights? We know we sure do. And while a judge said that act was totally protected by the Constitution, he’s still got a pesky $1,000 fine from the Transportation Security Administration hanging over his head. He says he’s ready to fight that, too. [More]

(Not surveillance footage, just regular news coverage.)

Two-Month Undercover Operation Busts “Bikini Baristas” Accused Of Stripping At Grab ‘n’ Go

When it comes to busting bikini baristas doing things other than serving coffee, it seems the average undercover operation time is a minimum of two months. There’s a lot of observation to be done, see?  Grab ‘n’ Go, the same chain that got in trouble for barista prostitution back in 2009 is in hot water again now after another two-month undercover investigation found that three “bikini baristas” were allegedly stripping at espresso stands.  [More]

Disagree With Walmart's Bike Policy? Take Off Your Clothes In Protest!

Disagree With Walmart's Bike Policy? Take Off Your Clothes In Protest!

BikeForums member ReachHigher stripped down to her sports bra and spandex after Walmart refused to let her enter the store with her $600 bike. A manager explained that since Walmart sold bikes, bringing in an outside bike would obviously be too confusing to handle. ReachHigher asked if they also sold shirts. “She said yes so I took off my jersey and said well then I’d better not bring this in either…”