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Brady Withers

A Bunch Of Patriotic-ish Movies You Can Stream If You’re Stuck Indoors This July 4th

For many people, this Fourth of July weekend is sure to be a busy one — Parades! Picnics! Parties! But when the fireworks have all stopped and you’ve been rendered immobile after consuming too many grilled things — or if you just need a few hours to not talk to your family and friends — you can still get into the spirit of the weekend with some movies. [More]

You've got your trains, your planes and your automobiles.

6 Thanksgiving Movies You Can Stream Instead Of Talking To Your In-Laws

So your mother-in-law is asking you again, whether she’ll ever be a grandmother. Your options include feigning a disaster in another room, straight up ignoring her or claiming you have to go to the bathroom, again. Or, you could turn on a Thanksgiving-themed movie and have everyone gather ’round, shut up and watch it together. [More]


Watch These 79 Streaming Movies Before Netflix Takes Them Away Tomorrow

Perhaps you were envisioning a relaxing long weekend at home, curled up watching Chinatown, Dr. Strangelove and Beavis and Butt-head Do America (because of course, best combination). I’m here to shatter your dreams and cast your desires into the dirt: Those and 76 other movies won’t be available to stream on Netflix starting tomorrow. [More]

Netflix One-Ups HBO By Snagging DreamWorks Deal

Netflix One-Ups HBO By Snagging DreamWorks Deal

When Netflix started upped its prices for subscribers by splitting streaming and disc rentals into separate subscriptions, the top brass said it would use the additional funds to secure streaming deals. Now the company has something to show for the promise, having secured a deal with DreamWorks for programming that currently goes to HBO. The agreement goes into effect in 2013. [More]

Netflix Will Start Treating Americans As Well As Canadians 'Over Coming Months'

Netflix Will Start Treating Americans As Well As Canadians 'Over Coming Months'

Making an about-face after stirring up a hornet’s nest of discontent by saying Americans were too self-absorbed to notice his company was providing cheap, streaming-only access to Canadian customers, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said he was joking and that Americans would get a similar service soon. [More]

Netflix Can't Decide Whether Puerto Rico Is In The USA

Netflix Can't Decide Whether Puerto Rico Is In The USA

Puerto Rico and other U.S. Territories are in sort of an awkward place. Are they part of America, or not? Sure, they can’t vote in presidential elections, but they are on the back of a quarter. This confusion has led to problems for Netflix users in Puerto Rico. Netflix will provide them with DVDs-by-mail service at the same price as service in the 48 contiguous United States, but considerably slower. However, they won’t let Puerto Rico customers stream movies over the Internet, which would be handy while they wait three or four days for their DVDs to show up.

Netflix Says "I Do" To Microsoft's Xbox Live

Netflix Says "I Do" To Microsoft's Xbox Live

During their press briefing at E3, Microsoft announced that they have entered a partnership with Netflix, according to MSNBC. The (unholy) union means that starting this fall, Xbox users will be able to view streaming videos from Netflix’s collection, however, they may only select from the 10,000 movies and shows which are available online and not the complete DVD library which includes some 100,000 titles. Microsoft has been touting this new service as free, however, that’s not completely true. Details, inside…