To Investors, Dunkin’ Donuts Is Stuck Between A McRock And A Starbucks Place

For those of us of a certain age, especially those of us that age who grew up in and around Boston, the Dunkin’ Donuts brand identity might seem indelible. But it’s been almost 20 years since the last time Fred the Baker intoned, “Time to make the donuts!” on TV, and those decades — and a national expansion in the face of some stiff competition — have left the iconic sugar-and-caffeine chain in a bit of a slump.



Starbucks Joins McDonald’s In Blocking Porn Access On Free WiFi

You won’t be able to watch a skin flick with your morning latte at Starbucks anymore: the coffee chain says it’ll join McDonald’s in adding a pornography filter to its in-store WiFi. [More]


Starbucks Brings Back Iced Sampler Cards Program, Separate From Star Rewards

While recent changes to the rewards program at Starbucks drew some complaints, the app remains popular and customers still have massive amounts of money stored away in their accounts. However, the company has brought back a very analog promotion for the summer, which uses a card with stickers for customers to rack up free drinks. [More]

Starbucks Invests In High-End Italian Bakery, Princi

Starbucks Invests In High-End Italian Bakery, Princi

Starbucks has its hands in a lot of different products outside of the coffee it serves up in stores — cold brew coffee, coconut milk, juice, to name a few. Now the company is expanding its portfolio with the acquisition of a company specializing in Italian baked goods.


Starbucks Price Increases Go Into Effect Today

Two weeks after a computer glitch pushed out Starbucks’ annual price increase early, the day has finally come when your morning cup of joe will actually cost more.  [More]


Starbucks Will Give U.S. Front-Line Employees And Managers Raises Of At Least 5% In October

If you’ve heard rumblings in the news recently about Starbucks employees complaining that they’re underpaid and not being scheduled for enough hours, the coffee chain wants you to stop worrying: they’re giving hourly employees and managers raises in October, and making unspecified dress code and benefits changes as well as doing something about scheduling issues. [More]

Starbucks Introducing Its First Beverage With A Coconut Milk Base

Starbucks Introducing Its First Beverage With A Coconut Milk Base

If you’re the kind of person who’d rather get your milk from a plant than an animal, Starbucks has some news for you: the chain will be selling its first-ever espresso beverage with a coconut milk base for a limited time this summer. [More]

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Starbucks Annual Price Increase Showed Up Early Thanks To Glitch

For the third year in a row Starbucks will dig its hands a little deeper into customers’ wallets, once again raising the prices for many drinks on its menu. [More]


Starbucks To Sell Coffee From India For The First Time

Tired of picking up bags of the same old Colombian coffee at Starbucks? You’ll soon be able to branch out, as the coffee giant announced today that it will, for a limited time, offer coffee from India for sale this fall — but only in Seattle.  [More]

Starbucks Releasing Bottled Cold Brew In July

Starbucks Releasing Bottled Cold Brew In July

Starbucks already offers a variety of bottled beverages for sale at grocery and convenience stores around the country. But if you’re looking for something a little less sweet than a White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino, you don’t have a ton of options, until now. The coffee giant will begin selling bottles of its unsweetened cold brew at stores starting next month.  [More]

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Starbucks Will Have To Face Lawsuit Over Underfilled Lattes

A judge has rejected Starbucks’ efforts to put the kibosh on a lawsuit filed by two customers who claim that the coffee chain routinely underfills lattes. [More]


There’s More Money Loaded On Starbucks Cards Than Customer Deposits At Several Banks

While we’re used to the idea of people keeping money in places other than bank accounts — preloaded debit cards, sock drawers, comic book collections — there’s one way consumers are storing their cash that’s more popular than several financial institutions: Starbucks cards. [More]

Starbucks Adding Nitro Cold Brew To The Menu At 500 Locations This Summer

Starbucks Adding Nitro Cold Brew To The Menu At 500 Locations This Summer

Because there’s always time for a new trendy thing in coffee to catch on across the nation, Starbucks will have a new option on tap for customers at around 500 locations this summer: Nitro Cold Brew. [More]

Nike’s Starbucks Sneaker Is The Latest In Food-Themed Footwear

Nike’s Starbucks Sneaker Is The Latest In Food-Themed Footwear

They say some people wear their hearts on their sleeves, but more and more it seems consumers are wearing their appetites on their shirts, pants, and shoes, among other things. One company looking to fill the tasty clothing arena is Nike and its newfound taste for food-themed sneakers. [More]

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The Big Chill: Cold Coffee Is The Cool Kid On The Block Now

When the temperature rises, the last thing many people want is a hot beverage. Iced coffee drinks aren’t a new thing , of course, but they certainly are the cool thing going on right now in that world. [More]

Starbucks Brings Back Mini Frappuccino For Mini Summer Refreshment

For people who want a cool blast of summer refreshment without a massive blast of calories, Starbucks is bringing back its blended Frappuccino drinks in mini sizes, which are two ounces smaller than the company’s normal smallest drink size. The drinks are at most $0.30 cheaper than the “tall” size, and are available in all of the same flavors as normal-sized Frappuccinos. The promotion starts today, and Starbucks didn’t provide an end date for 2016 yet. [Starbucks]

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Lawsuit Claims Starbucks Is Putting Too Much Ice In Iced Beverages

For some caffeine lovers, there’s nothing more refreshing than adding some ice to a cup of coffee or tea to bring the temperature down and the energy levels up. Balance is important — too much ice and not enough coffee can result in a weak drink. According to a new lawsuit, Starbucks baristas have been upsetting that balance by allegedly adding too much ice to cold coffee drinks, and skimping on the liquid. [More]

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Starbucks Isn’t Seeing “Any Of The Noise” Expected Over Rewards Program Overhaul

Despite the backlash from some customers over the recent changes in Starbucks’ My Rewards loyalty program, the company says the overhaul is going quite well, and that it hasn’t heard anything particularly worrisome. Well, not yet, at least. [More]