Yes, There Really Is A Starbucks Everywhere You Look, And That’s A Problem For Starbucks

These days, it might feel like there’s a Starbucks on every corner. And while more stores sometimes translate to more customers and better sales, the ubiquity of Starbucks is turning into a bit of a problem for the Seattle-based chain as it struggles to compete — with itself. [More]

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Scammer Posing As Starbucks Corporate Convinces Store Workers To Wire $2,600

A fraudster in South Carolina combined the tradition of pranking fast food restaurants with a new variation of the CEO scam last week, convincing employees at a Starbucks to give them all of the money in the store.  [More]

Starbucks Isn’t Bad At Acquiring Businesses: It Just Doesn’t Want Them

Starbucks Isn’t Bad At Acquiring Businesses: It Just Doesn’t Want Them

Starbucks went on something of a buying binge five or six years ago, buying a healthy-lunch chain, an unhealthy-pastries chain, and a loose tea retailer. Since then, the coffee chain has shuttered all of these businesses, which it paid hundreds of millions of dollars for. Is Starbucks just really bad at picking companies to acquire?


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Starbucks Closing All Teavana Stores

It was almost five years ago that Starbucks paid $620 million to acquire mall tea chain Teavana, politely declining the $800 million tea tin upsell. While Teavana products are now for sale in every Starbucks cafe, including fruit-infused iced teas, the company announced this week that it will be closing the remaining Teavana retail stores over the coming year. [More]

Starbucks Expanding Nitro Cold Brew To Nearly 1,500 Locations This Year

Starbucks Expanding Nitro Cold Brew To Nearly 1,500 Locations This Year

If you’re itching for a taste of Starbuck’s Nitro Cold Brew, you might be in luck: The coffee chain is expanding the offering to nearly another 1,000 locations.  [More]


Underpaid & Overstressed: 4 Things Starbucks Baristas Say Is Wrong With The Company

Millions of people count on Starbucks baristas to provide them with a jolt of caffeine each day, but those employees might be the ones truly in need of a little help: Baristas around the country are spilling the coffee beans on their employer, claiming they are overworked and strained thanks in part to the chain’s endless stream of pilot programs and new services.  [More]


Starbucks Selling Coffee Ice Cubes In Two Cities

A cold cup of coffee — iced coffee or cold brew, whichever you fancy — can be a nice way to cold down and get that jolt of caffeine you need in the summer. But no one wants a watered down cup of joe. To remedy that untasty situation, Starbucks is testing ice cubes made of coffee.  [More]

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Starbucks Apologizes For Outage, Says All Stores Should Be Operational Again Soon

After Starbucks stores around the country had to shut down or give out free food when their payment system stopped working, the coffee giant says that most affected locations are back to normal and that all stores should be back online soon. [More]


Starbucks Registers Reportedly Down, Some Locations Giving Out Free Coffee

If you were able to pick up your morning cup of joe from Starbucks today count yourself lucky, as some of the coffee chain’s locations were closed Tuesday thanks to a reported payment system outage.  [More]

Brooklyn Café Accuses Starbucks Of Copying ‘Unicorn’ Beverage Name

Brooklyn Café Accuses Starbucks Of Copying ‘Unicorn’ Beverage Name

While the Unicorn Frappuccino has vanished from Starbucks stores, the beverage’s legacy continues in court. A coffee and juice café in Brooklyn claims that it was serving a much healthier brightly colored “Unicorn latte” at the end of last year, and is suing Starbucks for $10 million for trademark infringement. [More]


Starbucks Giving Out Rewards Stars For Bottled Beverages And K-Cups

One handy feature of the My Starbucks Rewards program is that you don’t have to actually go to a Starbucks. Customers can earn program “stars” for purchases of Starbucks branded bagged coffee that they brew at home. Now the program has expanded to more products. [More]


America Takes Out Its Frustrations On Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino

When times are tough, it helps to have a punching bag on which you can safely take out your frustration. Whether it intended to or not, Starbucks has provided the world with a multicolored anger sponge: the Unicorn Frappuccino.


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More Than 160 Customers ‘Paid It Forward’ At One Starbucks Drive-Thru

Every once in a while generous consumers will “pay it forward” by buying their fellow customers coffee, diapers, lunch, or other items. These feel-good chains usually peter out after a few customers, but not for dozens of customers at one Pennsylvania Starbucks. [More]

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Starbucks Testing Lunch In Chicago This Week

Starbucks may have missed out on gobbling up Panera, but that doesn’t mean the company is ditching lunch. Instead, the coffee chain will begin tests of a specific lunch menu in Chicago this week.  [More]

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Report: Panera Looking At Possible Sale To Starbucks, Domino’s, Others

Want a Panera sandwich with a Starbucks coffee? Right now, you’ll have to go to two different stores, but in the future they could be one and the same: Panera is reportedly looking for a buyer, and the coffee giant is apparently on the shortlist.  [More]

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Starbucks Customer Gets Mad At Barista, Returns With Apology Note & $50

Most stories we write about unhappy customers returning to the scene of their displeasure end badly — sometimes burn-down-the-building, drive-your-car-into-the-restaurant badly. So we’re relieved to bring you a tale of an angry Starbucks customer who came back to the coffee shop to apologize and compensate the barista she felt she’d wronged. [More]


Report: Starbucks Pushing Each U.S. Store To Serve 20 More People Daily

Can customers appear out of thin air? That’s what some Starbucks workers are wondering as their corporate overlords have reportedly asked them to serve an additional 20 customers every day, at every store in the United States. How do they find these customers? [More]


CEO Howard Schultz Says Starbucks Is Ready To Open A Cafe In Italy

It takes a whole lot of beans to try to compete with Italian espresso in Italy, but Starbucks’ outgoing CEO Howard Schultz says his chain is finally up for the challenge. [More]