Kelly Sims

Albertsons In Talks To Acquire Health Food Market Sprouts

Is Albertsons looking to add a natural foods store to its grocery empire? The chain acquired Safeway in 2015 and remains hungry for expansion. Does it want free-range, organic expansion, and does it make sense to acquire a natural foods chain when “natural” and organic food is now available everywhere? [More]

Amy Adoyzie

Federal Court Enters Injunction Against Grower Of Listeria-Laden Sprouts

Back in 2014, we began asking whether everyone should just quit eating raw sprouts, and the sprout industry hasn’t done much to prove that we should since then. One of those companies that was part of the 2014 recalls apparently hasn’t cleaned up its metaphorical act and its literal sprouting facility, and the Food and Drug Administration went through the federal courts system went through the federal courts to stop them from sprouting until the company meets certain conditions. [More]

Erin Collins

Alfalfa Sprouts Under Investigation For Salmonella And E. Coli Formally Recalled

Last week, we brought you the news that there were two unrelated investigations into bean sprout producers, but no recalls yet. Maybe, we thought, it’s time to put warning labels on sprouts served raw in sandwich shops and salad bars, telling people to eat at their own risk. Now the sprouts involved in both incidents have been formally recalled. [More]

If You’re Still Eating Raw Sprouts, You May Want To Rethink That

If You’re Still Eating Raw Sprouts, You May Want To Rethink That

Sprouts are a tasty addition to a salad, a sandwich, or a stir fry, but they’re also grown in water and usually eaten raw. That makes them excellent vehicles to bring a variety of foodborne pathogens straight from the farm or processing plant to your mouth. Over a year ago, we wondered whether everyone should just stop buying and eating sprouts, and since then, the sprout-growing industry hasn’t done anything to make us change our minds. [More]

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Sprouts Are Out At Kroger

If you’re a fan of fresh sprouts and a Kroger shopper, you’ll have to choose between the two after this weekend, when the supermarket chain sells the last of the little green veggies, which are apparently a pain in the butt to keep clean. [More]

Trader Joe's, Walmart Sprouts Recalled For Salmonella

Trader Joe's, Walmart Sprouts Recalled For Salmonella

Sprouts sold at Trader Joe’s, Walmart, Kings Super Market, Numero Uno Stores, Cárdenas Markets, Gonzalez Northgate Markets, Wal-Mart stores, Jons Markets, and Canton Foods have been recalled after an outbreak of salmonella sickened more than 20 people in 10 states. [More]

Salmonella Found In Alfalfa Sprouts

Salmonella Found In Alfalfa Sprouts

Raw alfalfa sprouts have been linked to salmonella outbreaks across the country, according to the FDA. Recent salmonella cases have been diagnosed in Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Utah, and West Virginia, and the FDA is linking this outbreak to salmonella infections a few months ago in other states, including Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska. (Photo: Erin Collins)