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Crossing Swords With Sprint PCS

Crossing Swords With Sprint PCS

Gregg wasn’t paying attention. Slowly, every so surely, his Sprint bill had crept up until it was charging him $100 for a data service he never used. After four months of inattention and automatic credit-card bill payments, his overpayment mounted to over $800. The low-level CSR argued with Greg that it was his fault so he leapfrogged her and did battle with the supervisor. We’re making it sound more exciting than it really is, after all, Greg says in his intro:

How Long Does it Take to Get a Human?

How Long Does it Take to Get a Human?

In the wake of purple ribbons, zombies and looking up words in the dictionary, we thought we might want to try something resembling journalism. To that end, we’ve started the Time to Human project.