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After 141 Years, Major League Baseball Has Its First Official Hot Dog

Visit any baseball stadium in the country and you’ll likely hear cries of “Hot dogs heeeeere! Got your hot dogs heeeeeere!” But while encased meats are as ubiquitous at ball games as peanuts and cracker jack, Major League Baseball has never raised one hot dog above the rest as its official wiener in its 141 years. Until now. [More]

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Report: Facebook, Amazon Among Tech Giants Interested In Streaming Thursday NFL Games

If the news that Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and YouTube are all reportedly interested in streaming Thursday night NFL games sounds familiar, that’s because these same rumors swirled last year. [More]


Why Do So Many Men Get Vasectomies During March Madness?

Maybe you’re watching the NCAA men’s basketball tournament on a small window on your work computer, or on your strategically placed smartphone at your desk. There’s also a higher than usual chance that you’re enjoying March Madness while recovering from your very recent vasectomy. [More]

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Report: Facebook Wants To Livestream One MLB Game Per Week

In the social media version of keeping up with the Joneses, it looks like Facebook wants to get in on some of the professional sports action its rival Twitter is going after: The Zuck’s company is reportedly in talks with Major League Baseball to livestream one game a week during the upcoming season. [More]


Georgia Gas Station Refusing To Sell Samuel Adams Beer Leading Up To Super Bowl

Samuel Adams may be the beer brand most closely associated with Boston, which is why one Georgia gas station is not stocking the brew — at least until after the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons have faced off in this year’s Super Bowl. [More]

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Golfers Losing Their Minds Over Costco’s Kirkland Brand Golf Balls

Last year, Costco slapped its Kirkland Signature label on some balls from a company called Nassau Golf, which had extras sitting around that it wanted to get rid of. The warehouse club sold them in containers of 24 for $30 and put them on the shelves, not realizing that it had created a sensation. [More]

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Is TV Sports Getting So Expensive That Customers Are Finally Cutting The Cord?

At this point, it’s a hoary old saw that sports networks and broadcasts of live sporting events are one of the main reasons your pay-TV bills continue to rise. We all kind of “know” that sports are expensive, and that the costs come through to everyone else… but as millions of dollars in charges and fees become billions, are consumers and viewers going to stick around? [More]


Live Sports May Be Next Big Thing For Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime members could soon be getting more bang for their buck when it comes to entertainment, as the e-commerce giant is rumored to be in talks with major sports leagues and television networks to offer live-streaming of sporting events.  [More]


There’s No Ban On Beer At The 2022 World Cup In Qatar — At Least, Not Yet

Because attending sporting events and drinking a cold alcoholic beverages go so well together, many soccer fans have already started worrying about a potential ban on beer for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. That’s not the plan, the event’s organizers say, at least, not so far. [More]


Taco Bell Will Hand Out Free Tacos If Someone Steals A Base During World Series

Whether you’re jumping for joy or tearing your hair out when a player steals a base during the upcoming World Series, rest assured that if it happens, everyone’s gonna get a free taco. [More]


Indiana Pacers Using New System That Directs Fans To The Shortest Concession Stand Lines

You know the feeling: you’re stranded in line at the arena/stadium/field waiting to get a beer and a hot dog while your team is out there kicking butt and taking names. It’s a waste of time that one NBA team is trying to prevent with a new system that takes photos of concession stand lines and directs fans to the shortest queue. [More]


Report: Amazon Seeks Rights To Stream Live Sporting Events

What can Amazon do to draw more customers to its Prime service, which combines shipping discounts with streaming video and other perks in a $99/year subscription? Amazon is reportedly negotiating to carry live streaming video for Prime customers, potentially including events like tennis, golf, soccer, rugby, and auto racing, [More]


[UPDATE] Speedo, Ralph Lauren Ending Sponsorships Of Ryan Lochte After Scandal In Rio

UPDATE: Ralph Lauren has joined Speedo USA in announcing that it will no longer sponsor Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte. [More]


Nike Getting Out Of The Golf Equipment Business To Focus On Apparel, Footwear

No more golf clubs, bags, and balls for Nike — from here on out, the athletics company says it will focus on apparel and helping golfers make those questionable fashion choices they love to make. [More]

NFL Network, RedZone Joining PlayStation Vue Lineup

NFL Network, RedZone Joining PlayStation Vue Lineup

Conventional wisdom still says that sports are the key to cable: people will stream their comedies and dramas, but will pay for their sports coverage, because Americans sure love their sports. So it is unsurprising, then, that over-the-top cable-alternative streaming services are lining up to add more sports channels to their programming, including PlayStation Vue.


Olympics Committee Considering Ban On All Russian Athletes From Rio Games

Olympics Committee Considering Ban On All Russian Athletes From Rio Games

A month after an ongoing doping scandal led to Russia’s track and field athletes being barred from competing in the upcoming 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, the International Olympic Committee says it is looking into its options for enacting a ban on the entire Russian team. [More]

UFC Sells Itself For Record-Breaking $4 Billion

UFC Sells Itself For Record-Breaking $4 Billion

You frequently hear about manufacturers involved in multibillion-dollar mergers, and you occasionally hear about an individual sports team being sold for big bucks, but it’s pretty rare these days to see an entire sports organization being sold for ten figures.  [More]


World Cup Ticket Prices Will Top $1,000 For The First Time

If you’re planning on attending the 2018 World Cup in Moscow, you better start saving, as ticket prices will cross the $1,000 mark for the first time. [More]