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Broncos And Mile High Stadium Take Back Naming Rights From Sports Authority

While pocket knives and parkas flew off the shelves at Sports Authority’s going out of business sales, and foosball table, desk chairs, and iMacs flew out of its former headquarters building through Craigslist ads, one of the bankrupt company’s assets didn’t sell: the naming contract for the field where the Denver Broncos play, which the chain had bought in 2011. It’s now official: the team and the stadium district have agreed to terms and effectively bought back the rights from the defunct retailer. [More]

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Neighbors Complain That Former Sports Authority Parking Lot Is A Giant Trash Pile

Bags of perishable food, heavy big-screen TVs, construction debris, and the occasional shopping cart: that’s what the neighbors of a former Sports Authority store in Queens, NY are finding in the parking lot now that the store is closed. The parking lot is a disaster and a health hazard, but the city can’t just go in and clean it up because it’s private property. [More]

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Sports Authority Asks For Smaller Non-Bonuses For 3 Remaining Executives

Perhaps Sports Authority’s attorneys should have anticipated that the public and the chain’s former employees’ reaction to the news that the company wanted to distribute bonuses to some of its executives. Even the judge in the retailer’s bankruptcy case had harsh words about the bonus proposal. The company has filed another motion, though, seeking smaller bonuses and explaining that they are not, in fact, a reward for running the business into the ground. [More]

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Bankruptcy Judge In Sports Authority Case Rejects Bonuses For Executives

U.S. Bankruptcy Court judge Mary Walrath may be a new folk hero. She’s the judge handling the Sports Authority case, and today she ruled that four Sports Authority executives will not receive a combined $2.85 million in bonuses that the company claims are incentives. Incentives for running the company into the ground? [More]

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Consignment Deals Don’t Work So Well When Retailers Go Bankrupt

It’s time for retailers to start placing their orders for the items that will be on shelves during this holiday season, but one thing may be different from last year: they may be ordering less merchandise on consignment after millions of dollars’ worth of merchandise was stuck in legal limbo during the bankruptcy of big-box sporting goods retailer Sports Authority. [More]

Heath Alseike

Still No Sponsor To Replace Sports Authority On Mile High Stadium

Another deadline has come and gone, and yet no one has bid on the naming rights for the field where the Denver Broncos play. They previously belonged to the now-bankrupt retailer Sports Authority, and the company put the opportunity up for sale as part of its intellectual property auction. Auctioneer Hilco Streambank has extended the deadline twice now, but no bidder has made their interest public yet. [More]

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Sports Authority Stores Closing Early Because People Actually Bought Things At Liquidation Prices

If Sports Authority’s management ever wondered whether its pricing was appropriate, it now has the answer, thanks to the company’s going-out-of-business sales: customers flocked to the chain once everything was marked down. Employees of stores near the chain’s headquarters in the suburbs of Denver told the Denver Post that the sales attracted lots of customers, and merchandise sold out more quickly than anticipated. [More]

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Sports Authority Hurrying To Close Stores Faster Than Originally Planned

When Sports Authority failed to find a buyer for any of its stores that wasn’t a liquidator, the company began its going-out-of-business sales at all of its stores. Back then, the company predicted that the sale would past roughly all summer, meaning that remaining retail employees would have jobs for about that long. Now, the chain reportedly hopes to wrap things up at the end of July. [More]

Nicholas Eckhart

Sports Authority Almost Had To Shut Down Liquidating Stores, Still Pays Millions In Bonuses

Defunct sporting goods retailer Sports Authority almost had to shut down its liquidation sale early, having run out of cash. Instead, they made a last-minute deal with lenders to keep the liquidation sales going. Don’t worry, though: executives will still get a total of $2.85 million in bonuses. [More]

Sports Authority Is Selling Its Headquarters’ iMacs And Foosball Table On Craigslist

Sports Authority Is Selling Its Headquarters’ iMacs And Foosball Table On Craigslist

If you live near Denver and are looking for a computer monitor, an ice machine, or a 24-foot conference table, the closing of Sports Authority presents you with a unique opportunity. The retailer isn’t just selling off all of its merchandise, store leases, and even its brand name and mailing lists. After closing its headquarters, the company is also selling furniture and computers. On Craigslist. [More]

Bankruptcy Court Resolves Another Dispute Between Sports Authority And Consignment Vendors

Bankruptcy Court Resolves Another Dispute Between Sports Authority And Consignment Vendors

Sports Authority had a problem as it wound down business at its first batch of stores closed after it filed for bankruptcy protection: they hadn’t sold everything, and needed to either leave merchandise behind for landlords to deal with, or send it back to vendors. The problem was that the vendors and the company’s lenders disagreed on who should get the proceeds of selling that merchandise: the vendors it belonged to, or the lenders who are supposed to get paid as the bankrupt sporting goods retailer sells everything off. [More]

Heath Alseike

Sports Authority Auction Draws No Bidders For Mile High Stadium Naming Rights

Dick’s Sporting Goods may have scooped up the Sports Authority name and 31 stores in the auction of the latter retailer’s assets last week, but it appears no one was interested in the naming rights to reigning Super Bowl champions Denver Broncos’ home stadium.  [More]

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Sports Authority Bankruptcy Means Now Dick’s Sporting Goods Owns 114M Customer Records

Sports Authority is no more. The sporting goods store folded earlier this year, and for the past few weeks all their assets have been up on the auction block. That included all their intellectual property, which was snapped up this week by competitor Dick’s Sporting Goods. And that now means that if you were a Sports Authority customer, Dick’s just bought your information.


Nicholas Eckhart

Report: Dick’s Wins Sports Authority Brand, Including Domain Names

In the future, when you forget that Sports Authority went out of business and type in their website address, you’ll end up on a page owned by the defunct retailer’s biggest competitor. Dick’s Sporting Goods reportedly scooped up the Sports Authority name, including its domain names and customer mailing lists, for $15 million in the company’s intellectual property auction. [More]

Nicholas Eckhart

Report: Dick’s Bids For Sports Authority Stores, Modell’s And Sports Direct Don’t

One interesting possibility in the bankruptcy auction for the stores of debt-laden retailer Sports Authority was that a partnership between Northeastern sporting-goods chain Modell’s and a United Kingdom retailer, Sports Direct, might take over between 100 and 200 stores and open some kind of joint venture. Now that the bids for store leases are in, we know that the companies didn’t do that, but competitor Dick’s Sporting Goods bid on 17 stores that Sports Authority is leaving behind. [More]

Nicholas Eckhart

Reminder: You Have Until Tuesday To Use Your Sports Authority Gift Cards

If you still have a Sports Authority gift card lurking somewhere in your papers, it’s time to pull it out and spend it on some ski pants or a camping knife or something. As the company’s business winds down, the last day that its remaining stores and website will accept gift cards is Tuesday, June 28, 2016. [More]

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Report: Sports Authority Might Sell Stores To Modell’s And UK’s Sports Direct

At their recent bankruptcy auction, the winner of the inventory in Sports Authority stores was a trio of liquidators, not the company’s competitors. Other chains didn’t want to take on hundreds of stores at a precarious time in the sporting goods business. A new report, however, indicates that United Kingdom retailer Sports Direct might team up with Modell’s, a chain in the northeastern United States, to bid on at least a hundred store leases in one go. [More]

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Sports Authority Prepares To Auction Off Its Name, Your Name, Broncos Stadium Naming Rights

When a company files for bankruptcy protection and goes out of business, it sells off everything it owns with any value. That includes your name, if you’re on the retailer’s mailing list or part of their loyalty card program. Even the company’s own name goes up on the auction block. In the case of Sports Authority, the bankrupt company’s intellectual property includes the right to plaster their name on the field where the NFL’s Denver Broncos play. [More]