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75K People Must Buy Raffle Tickets If Anyone’s Gonna Win This Dream House

Before you go setting your heart on a raffle prize, you should always read the fine print. Otherwise all your hopes might be in vain — and so will everyone else’s. To wit: In an exciting raffle benefiting Special Olympics athletes in Washington — very worthy cause, to be sure — the top prize is a gorgeous, $5 million lakeside house. But the only way anyone will win it? If the raffle sells at least 75,000 tickets. [More]

McDonald's McObjects To You Calling Your Event "McFest"

McDonald's McObjects To You Calling Your Event "McFest"

McDonald’s has nothing better to do than sue a 19 year old whose last name, McClusky, was the inspiration for the name of an event she puts on to raise money for the Chicago chapter of Special Olympics. The event is called McFest, and it has raised $30,000. Trouble is, McClusky has now spent $5,000 of it defending herself against McDonald’s legal assault. [More]