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(Erin Turowski)

100 Finalists Left To Compete For 24 One-Way Tickets To Mars

It’s been almost two years since Mars One started taking applications for people who wanted a free one-way ticket to the red planet, in order to set up an inflatable habitat and settle off-world forever and ever. Out of the 202,586 applicants, the non-profit group of scientists and entrepreneurs says the finalists competing for 24 total spots have been winnowed down to a (lucky?) group of 50 men and 50 women. And again, of course the whole thing is going to be a reality TV show. [More]

NASA Wants To Send Robot To Moon

NASA Wants To Send Robot To Moon

Money is tight in the federal government, so the Obama administration nixed a proposed $150 billion manned NASA flight back to the Moon. The backup plan: A robot who’s willing to make the trip for $450 million. [More]