Scott Lynch

South African Regulators Give Green Light To $107B Anheuser-Busch, SABMiller Merger

Anheuser-Busch InBev has one more regulatory body to mark off on its “Places To Get Approval For $107 Billion Takeover Of SABMiller” checklist: South Africa’s Competition Commission gave its blessing to the mega-beer merger Tuesday after placing several conditions on the approval. [More]

Matt Biddulph

No More Petting Lion Cubs At South African Wildlife Park

If you were hoping for a South African vacation that includes petting some adorable baby wild cats, you’ll have to change those plans: tourists will be barred from touching the animals at a suburban wildlife park in Johannesburg, after “going out of fashion” due to negative publicity. [More]

(Great Beyond)

Coca-Cola Putting WiFi Hotspots In Soda Machines (But Not In The U.S.)

In an effort to both bring WiFi to underserved areas and market its product to consumers, Coca-Cola South Africa is installing soda machines that also double as WiFi hotspots. [More]

Delta To Bring Outsourced Calls Back To U.S. But Not Add Any New Jobs

Delta To Bring Outsourced Calls Back To U.S. But Not Add Any New Jobs

Delta Airlines recently announced that it had decided to move some of its outsourced call center operations out of South Africa and back to the U.S. But before anyone goes looking for a gig at Delta’s phone operations base in Dallas, the airline says it should be just fine with the staff it already has on hand. [More]

700 Tubes Of Poison Toothpaste Seized

700 Tubes Of Poison Toothpaste Seized

Over 700 tubes of poisonous counterfeit toothpaste were seized in Connecticut, according to The New York Times. The toothpaste is flavored with diethylene glycol, a sweet-tasting chemical more commonly found in anti-freeze. It can cause liver and kidney damage if swallowed.