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FCC To Look Into Data Bottlenecks And Pay-For-Access Deals With ISPs

The whole point of net neutrality is that Internet Service Providers like Comcast and Verizon shouldn’t be allowed to actively prioritize or degrade the data they help to deliver; it should all be treated equally. But as we’ve seen with Netflix speeds over the last year, ISPs can passively allow downstream data to bottleneck, effectively telling the largest content providers that they have to pay for more direct access. After omitting this latter issue in his controversial net neutrality proposal, FCC Chair Tom Wheeler announced today that it’s time for his commission to consider it. [More]

Coke Pulls Some Products From Shelves For "Off Taste"

Coke Pulls Some Products From Shelves For "Off Taste"

Some retailers in the St. Louis area are being asked to pull a variety of Coca-Cola products off the shelves because of a “slight off taste.” [More]