Want Solitaire Ad-Free On Windows 10? That’ll Cost You

Want Solitaire Ad-Free On Windows 10? That’ll Cost You

After leaving Solitaire off Windows 8, forcing PC users who needed to fill that procrastinatory urge to download the program separately, Microsoft made many customers happy when it announced that it’d be including the game in Windows 10. While that’s all well and good, some players might be irked to know that the new Solitaire is a freemium — meaning if you want an ad-free experience and access to other premium features, you’ll have to pay. [More]


Rejoice, Procrastinators: Microsoft Bringing Back Solitaire For Windows 10

Because it’s not a work day without procrastination, the enduring presence of Solitaire on the PCs of workers everywhere used to be a comfort many relied on to get through those long hours at a desk — until Microsoft left the program off Windows 8. Someone must’ve been listening to your sad cries of longing, as Solitaire is coming back as a standard feature in Windows 10. [More]