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Customer Enters LongHorn Steakhouse, Venomous Snake Bites Her Foot

You wouldn’t expect that walking into a chain restaurant while wearing sandals would be dangerous, but a woman in Virginia was bitten by a common venomous snake in the lobby of a LongHorn Steakhouse two weeks ago. [More]


Large Green Snake On A Plane Surprises Passengers On Aeromexico Flight

Pardon me a moment, while I pull out the usual Samuel L. Jackson reference and dust it off: passengers on an Aeromexico flight experienced a real life Snakes On A Plane moment on Sunday after a large green snake slithered from the ceiling to greet his captive audience. [More]

Snake Oil Was A Real Thing & 3 Other Things You Should Know About Sham Medicines

Snake Oil Was A Real Thing & 3 Other Things You Should Know About Sham Medicines

Everyone knows the image of the snake oil salesman, pitching worthless — often dangerous — tonics, tinctures, and potions to treat any ailment under the sun. What you may not know is that “snake oil” wasn’t just a phrase, or how it and other sham cure-alls ultimately led to the creation of the FDA. [More]

How many snakes do you see on this can? Zero. (Fox 13)

Canned Green Beans Recalled After Church Group Finds Snake Head

A church youth group in Utah was cooking meals for the seniors of their community when they found an unexpected ingredient: their leader found a snake’s head among the green beans. The company, Western Family, a supplier of store-brand products, has now announced a recall of that lot of beans, since no customer wants to find the rest of that snake. [More]

Man Caught On Camera In Pet Store Shoving Python Down Pants

Man Caught On Camera In Pet Store Shoving Python Down Pants

A few years ago, we brought you a story about a pet store thief removing two puppies from a pet store by shoving them down his pants. Last week in Portland, OR, a pet store’s surveillance cameras caught a man on camera who used this method to conceal a pricey python and walk out of the store unnoticed. [More]


Philadelphia Bus Evacuated After A Four-Foot Snake Gets Loose

You never know what you’re going to get when you’re on public transit — there could be a guy clipping his toenails, a bunch of kids dancing and flipping around on subway poles, mariachi bands, snakes… Yes, snakes: a Philadelphia bus had to be evacuated over the weekend after a four-foot snake decided he’d rather slither around instead of staying wrapped around his owner’s neck. [More]

(via WUSA 9 News [link has video that autoplays])

Family Suing Previous Homeowner, Real Estate Agent After Realizing “Dream Home” Was Infested With Snakes

It’s the stuff of nightmares: Fearing that the walls of your home are crawling with snakes, only to find out that no, this isn’t a bad dream, there are actually reptiles infesting the house you live in. That was the reality for one Maryland family who’s now suing their home’s previous owner and the real estate agent behind the sale, claiming both parties knew the house was chock-full of snakes before they sold it. [More]


Couple Watches As Four-Foot Snake Appears In Their Kitchen, Swallows An Egg Whole

Uninvited dinner guests can be quite inconvenient, especially when they slither in on their own and insist on devouring whole eggs without even a hello. A North Carolina couple had to gently convince their unexpected guest to leave after a snake made itself at home in their kitchen and tucked in to a basket of eggs. [More]


Snake Pops Out Of A Cabinet At Lowe’s, Bites Customer On The Head

Imagine you’re hanging out in a nice, dry, safe room away from all the worries of the world. Suddenly, someone throws a door open to the big, scary world. Wouldn’t you want to bite that interloper right on the head? If you were a snake, totally, as one surprised Lowe’s customer found out after accidentally intruding on a snake’s privacy in the store. [More]

Tourists Rent Car, Get Free Snake In The Trunk

Tourists Rent Car, Get Free Snake In The Trunk

“Free ball python with every car rental” might appeal to some customers as a promotion, but it would be an expensive one, and most people probably wouldn’t be interested. Two tourists found a free surprise python in the trunk of the car they had rented at Logan airport in Boston and drove to their motel in Maine. The good news? The snake was alive and unharmed, and its owner has already been found. [More]

Free no more.

Albino Cobra Captured After Days On The Loose In Southern California

Residents of a Southern California neighborhood can rest a little easier now, after animal-control officers tracked down and captured an albino monocled cobra on the loose that had been slithering around the Thousand Oaks neighborhood since at least Monday. The owner still remains a mystery, while the snake will now have a new home at the Los Angeles Zoo. [Associated Press] [More]

Burger King Drive-Thru Serves Up Whoppers, Chicken Fries, Boa Constrictor

Burger King Drive-Thru Serves Up Whoppers, Chicken Fries, Boa Constrictor

Boa constrictor was on the menu this week at an Illinois Burger King, but not in the sense that you could eat one. No, we mean on the menu board at the drive-thru. Wednesday afternoon, customers alerted the restaurant’s employees that there was a boa constrictor relaxing near the drive-thru lane. How did it get there? No one knows. [More]

(Kantonpolizel Bern/Bern Police Department)

One Little Snake On A Train Means All Passengers Have To Get Off

Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of passengers on mass transportation quite like a slithery reptile, thanks to the movie that started it all, Snakes on a Plane. And because “plane” rhymes with “train,” of course a story about a train being evacuated due to a snake is going to catch the eye. [More]

Case Of Bud Light Comes With Free Dead Snake

Case Of Bud Light Comes With Free Dead Snake

Getting something extra in your case of beer sounds pretty appealing…but maybe not when that extra something is a dead snake. It’s not clear how a small snake ended up inside an 18-pack of Bud Light, but the customer who bought it decided not to take any chances. He won’t drink it, mostly because of the dead-snake stench. [More]

Rattlesnake Makes Terrible Walmart Greeter, Bites Customer

Rattlesnake Makes Terrible Walmart Greeter, Bites Customer

In a Walmart Garden Center, an outdoor area filled with plants, it’s not surprising that you might encounter some critters. Maybe a large bug, a moth, a frog, or even a grass snake. While shopping for mulch for his medical marijuana plants on Friday morning, a 47-year-old Washington state man reached down to pick up what he thought was a stick, and ended up rushed to the emergency room with a rattlesnake bite. [More]

PayPal Leaves Small Business Out $500 And A Snake

PayPal Leaves Small Business Out $500 And A Snake

Shawn runs a small reptile business, selling habitats, supplies, and animals. A customer’s purchase of a $500 snake went smoothly, with payment via PayPal and a critter off to a happy new home. Then the buyer reported the transaction to PayPal as fraudulent. They ruled in the buyer’s favor after an “investigation” that didn’t include talking to Shawn, and took back the $500. Voil√† – free snake. [More]

Lost Bronx Zoo Cobra Found

Lost Bronx Zoo Cobra Found

The misplaced cobra at the Bronx zoo has been found, coiled and hungry in a dark secluded corner of the reptile house, CNN reports. After the snake went missing, zoo officials closed down the snake exhibit and started searching ceaselessly for the missing creature. Though the zoo kept stressing the cobra was probably within the reptile house, that didn’t stop the deadly snake from setting the public’s imagination on fire, with national media coverage, a keyboard-playing appearance on Conan, and a 200,000 follower strong satirical Twitter account. [More]

Cobra Gets Loose At Bronx Zoo

Cobra Gets Loose At Bronx Zoo

Sick of the whole captivity for the entertainment of humans thing, a cobra at the Bronx Zoo apparently slipped out of its enclosure and went missing Friday, causing management to shut down the facility over the weekend. [More]