That there snail is mighty big. (USDA)

Airport Officials In L.A. Seize 67 Live Giant African Snails Meant For Human Consumption

Diners with an appetite for giant African snails in California will have to find another batch of the prohibited animals to snack on, after U.S. Customs and Border protection inspectors at the Los Angeles International Airport seized 67 of the live guys, which were destined for someone in San Dimas (otherwise known as the home of Bill and Ted). [More]


Invasion Of The Slugs: How To Prevent Garden Destruction

So it’s obviously too early to be gardening, with the sub-zero temperatures and all, but for those of you daydreaming about your fabulously lush spring gardens we’ve got some to tips and tricks to ensure nasty, slimy slugs and snails aren’t wreaking havoc on your bounty. [More]