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Why Does Everyone Tell You To Eat Almonds If You’re Trying To Lose Weight?

A common refrain often bandied about in the general vicinity of dieters is “Instead of eating [insert junk food you really, really love] as a snack, just eat a handful of almonds!” While it might be easier for some than others to change their eating habits to lose weight, how did almonds get so popular? And is all the hype worth anything? [More]


High School Students Blow The Lid Off Oreo’s Double Stuf: There’s Only 1.86 Times The Stuf

If you’re the kind of person whose world can come crashing down when a long-held snack belief is blown into a million pieces, well first of all — don’t be so dramatic. But second — you might not like to hear that Double Stuf and Mega Stuf Oreos are not, in fact, doubly stuffed and the mega amount has been called into question as well. Maybe you should sit down for this. [More]

Bizarro Snack Time: Bacon-Flavored Doritos And Pepsi-Flavored Cheetos

Bizarro Snack Time: Bacon-Flavored Doritos And Pepsi-Flavored Cheetos

The world has pretty much accepted that the next Doritos Locos Tacos flavor from Taco Bell will be the chili-lime deliciousness of Flamas. That’s only because most of us didn’t know that the Frito-Lay/Yum Brands universe also contains other simultaneously amazing and horrible flavors that are only available in Japan. Like bacon Doritos and Pepsi-flavored Cheetos. [More]


Incredibly Important Poll: Would You Eat This?

Do you feel like Double-Stuf — or even Mega Stuf — Oreos simply don’t have enough cream filling to fulfill your snack-food fantasies? Or maybe you just want complete control over how much cream filling goes in your cookie? If so, this might be right up your alley. [More]

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Finally, Breast Milk-Flavored Lollipops That Don’t Actually Contain Breast Milk

Are you one of the dozens of people who have craving a lollipop with all the flavor of breast milk but didn’t want that flavor to actually come from the mammary glands of another human? Then you are in luck, as a company in Texas has released a product with all the breast milk taste but without the breast milk. [More]


I Report A Plastic Thingy In My Snack Bag, Utz Showers Me In Chips

When Kevin found a foreign object in his bag of Utz chips, he wasn’t after a freebie or about to sue for pain and suffering. He just wanted to let the company know. He couldn’t find an e-mail address, so he messaged the company using Facebook. He didn’t expect to hear back from a company VP, or to have his twist tie-filled chip bag replaced twelve times over. [More]

Irish Snack Fans Can’t Get Enough Cheese And Onion Potato Chip-Flavored Chocolate Bars

Irish Snack Fans Can’t Get Enough Cheese And Onion Potato Chip-Flavored Chocolate Bars

Even though this is America, we are not the top country as far as wacky and amazing snack foods go. No, that would probably be Japan. But Ireland is making a serious run at the title, since their citizens are currently going mad for chocolate bars flavored with bits of cheese and onion potato chips. [More]


Behold The Magical Potato Chip Machine

Potatoes enter a factory as dirt-covered round brown things, and leave as potato chips. What kind of mysterious magic happens to them in between? Two reporters from NPR’s Planet Money team visited a Herr’s potato chip factory to find out what happens to turn vegetables into bags of delicious oil-filled snacks, and how that process has changed over the decades that the factory has been in operation.


And the snake eats its own taco-flavored tail.

Snack Food World Collapses In Upon Itself As Doritos Announces Doritos Locos Tacos Doritos

It was an inevitability we all secretly knew but refused to openly admit for fear of having to face the inherent existential dilemma it presents, but the fearless folks at Pepsico have decided to mess with the snack-time continuum, announcing the impending release of Doritos Locos Tacos flavored Doritos. [More]

Chocolate and toys: everything America loves

No More Kinder Surprise Smuggling: New, Legal Chocolate Eggs With Toys Inside Available In The U.S.

If you’re a lucky and/or worldly person, you’ve experienced the tiny ovoid wonder that is the Kinder Surprise candy. It’s a chocolate egg with a plastic egg inside, and the interior egg includes a moderately cool toy. As many Americans learn the hard way while traveling home from Canada every year, the Surprise is illegal in the United States. This Easter, though, chocolate eggs hit the market that are thoroughly American-proof and legal. Meet Choco Treasure. [More]

Don't chew these!

February Food And Drug Recall Roundup – Antibiotic Pig Ear Edition

Chewy pig skins, chia seed treats, brownie mix, and herbal supplements that are a little too close to actual drugs: it’s all here, in the Food and Drug Edition of the Recall Roundup. [More]


There Is Now A Machine That Removes Unwanted Creme From The Oreo

In a world where plenty of people just continue to grumble and complain when there’s something they don’t like, it’s refreshing to know that there are enterprising minds out there willing to address life’s ills and actually do something about them. Case in point — a physicist who can’t stand the creme in Oreos. Instead of living with that snack imposition, he invented a machine to remove the stuff. [More]


Walmart Worker Treated Store Shelves As Personal Snack Pantry For 4 Years

Most workers like to take a break in the middle of their work day and have a meal or a snack. That’s a nice idea, as long as it’s your break time. You’re not supposed to help yourself to snack food from the shelves of the retailer where you work, but a woman who has worked in maintenance at Walmart stores in two different states has been caught after a seven-year on-the-job crime spree. Now she’s been charged with a felony after getting caught on camera munching Oreos. [More]

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Keep These Food Safety Tips In Mind While Serving Snacks On Super Bowl Sunday

You might think that throwing some hot cheese chili dip and shrimp cocktail on the table is all fun and games, and well, it is. But you should still be careful while serving snacks this Super Bowl Sunday so as to prevent getting guests sick. There are a few tips to keep your food safe and make sure your guests leave happy and not clutching their stomachs. [More]

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Pepsi Marinated Chicken Wings & 3 Other Potato Chip Flavors We’d Have To Be Drunk To Try

Sometimes it feels like every other country is having so much fun with their snacks and fast food while we’re just stuck with the ho-hum normal flavors of the West. Sour cream and onion-flavored potato chips? Fine, that’s tasty. BUT SO BORING. We can’t help but be jealous of countries like China, which has a vast array of Frito-Lay potato chips that come in flavors like “Pepsi Marinated Chicken Wings.” What in the what now? That has to be fun. [More]

Chowing Down At The Movies Can Add Up To Thousands Of Calories

Chowing Down At The Movies Can Add Up To Thousands Of Calories

Like to snack at the movies? That tub of popcorn and large soda can amount to almost a full day’s calories, two days’ worth of fat and a cup of sugars.


Banish The Annoyance Of Cupcake Wrappers

Banish The Annoyance Of Cupcake Wrappers

Cupcake wrappers are a necessary evil at best. When you tear them off, they cling to bits of your treat, forcing you to either debase yourself by nibbling the crumbs off the insides or be wasteful and throw them away. But clever cooks do away with the tyranny of the cupcake wrapper by replacing them with something edible.


Inside A "Big Food" Product Development Meeting

Inside A "Big Food" Product Development Meeting

Where do they come up with all those great ideas to make 500 different snack foods out of the same four crappy ingredients and then try to trick us into thinking they’re healthy? This amusing xtranormal video takes you inside a hypothetical product development meeting at a “Big Food” company. It starts off slow but then delivers hit after hit as they skewer each of the different labeling and ingredient tactics food manufacturers use, like adding Vitamin D to Cheetos and saying they “support healthy bones.”