Makers Of E-Cigarettes And Pricey Cigars Want To Avoid FDA Approval And Regulation

Until earlier this year, the Food and Drug Administration didn’t have authority to regulate some new or unusual smokeable products that have been growing in popularity, like premium cigars, hookah tobacco, vaping products, and e-cigarettes. However, the industries behind these products are fighting regulation with lobbyists, hoping to do away with the new rule. [More]


California Becomes Second State To Raise Smoking Age To 21

Starting on June 9, California will officially be the second state — after Hawaii — to bar most people under the age of 21 from smoking, buying, or possessing traditional cigarettes.  [More]


Chicago Raises Smoking Age To 21, Exempts Feminine Hygiene Products From Sales Tax

Yesterday, the Chicago City Council voted to approve a pair of hot-button measures: One that raises the minimum age for buying cigarettes in the Windy City, and another that does away with the so-called “pink tax” or  “tampon tax” on feminine hygiene products. [More]

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California Could Be Second State To Raise Minimum Smoking Age To 21

Just days after the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors voted to increase the legal smoking age from 18 to 21, the state’s Assembly passed a package of tobacco bills, including a measure that would raise the state smoking age to 21 and ban the use of electronic cigarettes in public places where traditional smoking is prohibited.  [More]


San Francisco Could Raise Smoking Age To 21

The city of San Francisco could become the latest municipality to increase the minimum age to buy tobacco products to 21 today as city officials are poised to vote on a measure that would do just that.  [More]


Passenger Arrested For Hijacking NYC Bus After Driver Told Her To Stop Smoking

As comfortable as it would be if the entire world was your living room, it’s not. We all have to abide by certain rules in public about behaviors that wouldn’t fly outside the home — wearing real pants, not having your butt stuck to the couch, etc. — including no smoking on New York City buses. And as one passenger learned recently, no stealing them when you’re told to behave.


As e-cigarette makers increase their ad spending, more teens have started using the devices.

Report Finds That As E-Cigarette Ad Spending Increases So Does Teens’ Use Of The Devices

About 2.4 million teens smoked e-cigarettes last year, and that number is poised to rise, thanks in part to the tens of millions of dollars device manufactures have poured into advertisements for the products, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  [More]

Starting Tomorrow, Hawaii Becomes First State To Raise Smoking Age To 21

Starting Tomorrow, Hawaii Becomes First State To Raise Smoking Age To 21

Hawaii may have been the fiftieth state to join the U.S., but when the calendar flips over to 2016 after midnight tonight, it will become the first state to raise the legal smoking age to 21. [More]

New Rule Bans E-Cigarettes From Checked Baggage

New Rule Bans E-Cigarettes From Checked Baggage

After more than 26 incidents in six years in which e-cigarettes have caused fires or explosions on planes, a new federal rule is set to go into effect banning the devices from being left in checked baggage.  [More]

Man Says E-Cigarette Exploded In His Hand, Pieces Of Metal Pierced Wall

Man Says E-Cigarette Exploded In His Hand, Pieces Of Metal Pierced Wall

While it’s been several years since we reported on an e-cigarette exploding while charging or being used by a consumer, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. Case in point: A Wichita, KS, man says the device he used to try to beat his nicotine habit erupted, burning his hands and damaging nearby walls.  [More]

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Pediatricians: Raise Smoking Age To 21, Ban Flavored Tobacco, Restrict E-Cig Sales

Even though the percentage of smokers in the U.S. has been slashed by more than half over the last 50 years, smoking is still the leading preventable cause of death in the country. The American Academy of Pediatrics believes there are a number of steps that should be taken in order to prevent people from picking up the habit in the first place. [More]

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Settlement Between New York, Tobacco Companies Provides $550M For Smoking-Related Health Costs

A decades-long dispute between the New York Attorney General’s Office and major tobacco firms over payments the companies were required to make for smoking-related public-health costs, but refused to dish out, has come to an end. A new settlement between the parties directs the tobacco companies to deliver $550 million to the state, New York City and other counties.  [More]

N.Y. Bill Seeks To Outlaw Smoking In Hotel Rooms

N.Y. Bill Seeks To Outlaw Smoking In Hotel Rooms

Although it’s illegal to smoke in most indoor spaces in New York — office buildings, bars, restaurants, retail establishments, etc. — those looking to light up a cigarette can still do so in hotel and motel rooms that are specified as smoking rooms. That could change soon, if a new bill in the state legislature succeeds.


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United Airlines Flight Forced To Turn Around After Passenger Refuses To Stop Smoking

Though it might seem like “no smoking” signs on airplanes aren’t even needed anymore — who could possibly think lighting up a cigarette in an enclosed cabin filled with other people is okay? — there are apparently those out there who still need reminding that smoking isn’t allowed. To wit: a United Airlines flight headed to Boston from Denver was forced to turn around after a passenger reportedly lit up and refused to stop smoking.



Hawaii Could Become The First State To Raise Minimum Age For Smoking To 21

Lighting up a cigarette will only be legal for adults over the age of 21 in Hawaii soon, as the state prepares to become the first in the U.S. to bump the minimum legal age to partake in tobacco products up from 18.


New Orleans Ban Against Smoking In Bars Goes Into Effect

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Bars never close in New Orleans, but now those late night hot spots and cozy dives won’t be filled with smoke: Following the lead of many of the country’s major cities, New Orleans put a ban against smoking inside bars into effect as of today.



Study: Raising Legal Age To Buy Cigarettes To 21 Would Result In Fewer Smokers

By this point everyone can agree that smoking is harmful to your health, and yet there are still new smokers starting up the habit year after year. A new study from the Institute of Medicine says that swell in numbers could be curbed by raising the legal age to buy cigarettes to 21.



D.C. Court Issues Temporary Order Prohibiting Man From Smoking In His Home After Neighbors Sue

No home is an island, especially when it shares walls with other houses. As such, a Superior Court judge in Washington, D.C. has issued a temporary order banning a man from smoking inside his home, after his neighbors filed a lawsuit claiming that the fumes were harmful to their health.