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Sam’s Club Recalls Smoked Salmon Sold In 42 States

With year-end parties still to come, there will probably be some of you munching on Smoked Salmon in the next few days. If that salmon was purchased at Sam’s Club, you might want to keep reading. [More]

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Tainted Smoked Salmon Blamed For Salmonella Outbreak In U.S. & The Netherlands

I remember asking my mom when I was little after being warned not to eat raw eggs, “But how can I get salmonella if I’m not even eating salmon?” The answer back then didn’t make sense, but now my 7-year-old self would nod at the inevitability of salmon actually being linked to salmonella. In this case, it’s smoked salmon that’s reportedly sickening hundreds in the Netherlands and the U.S. [More]

Are You Ready For Smoked Salmon Vodka?

Are You Ready For Smoked Salmon Vodka?

Because there is apparently a lack of meat-flavored vodkas in the world, a distillery in Alaska has recently unleashed a version of the distilled spirit infused with the unmistakable taste of smoked salmon. [More]