Consumer Reports Puts Holiday Hams To The Test

While many ham fans already have their favorite brand and may not be swayed to change no matter what anyone says, our pals at Consumer Reports have put a variety of popular holiday hams (ranging in price from $35 to $80) to the taste test. HoneyBaked came out on top, but CR admits that taste preferences vary so the testers provided helpful feedback on each of the six scrutinized hams. [via Consumer Reports]

One of the four Deen-themed eateries to close at Caesars properties.

Four Paula Deen Buffets To Close As Caesars Entertainment Cuts Ties With Chef

The Paula Deen scandal wagon rolls on, with one of the world’s largest gaming companies parting ways with the celebrity chef on the same day as she made a tearful appearance on NBC’s Today Show. [More]

This restaurant chain did not fire Paula Deen and has nothing to do with Smithfield Foods.

Some People Angry With The Wrong Smithfield Over Paula Deen Firing

As we mentioned yesterday, Paula Deen had been dropped as a celebrity spokesperson for Smithfield Foods, a decision that has upset Deen supporters, some of whom have been writing angry notes to Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-B-Q, a completely unrelated business that happens to share the Smithfield name. [More]

McRib Pork Supplier Hit With SEC Filed Complaint Over Alleged Pig Abuse

McRib Pork Supplier Hit With SEC Filed Complaint Over Alleged Pig Abuse

Can you taste the tears in your McRib? The supplier of pork products to McDonald’s, Smithfield Farms, just got hit by a complaint filed with the SEC by animal rights group Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). Citing their own shocking undercover investigative video, HSUS allege that Smithfield is making false and misleading claims to shareholders and consumers about how well they treat their pigs and that those claims are in violation of federal securities law.


Smithfield, the world’s biggest pork processor, will close 6 plants and lay off 1,800. I know saying that every little thing is a sign of the apocalypse is a horrible cliche, but I know something about the topic, and when you can’t make money selling bacon we’re all in trouble. [Bloomberg]

Nation’s Largest  Pork Producer Discontinues Use of “Crates”

Nation’s Largest Pork Producer Discontinues Use of “Crates”

    The largest U.S. pork supplier, Virginia-based Smithfield Foods, said yesterday that it will require its producers to phase out the practice of keeping pregnant pigs in “gestation crates” — metal and concrete cages that animal welfare advocates consider one of the most inhumane features of large-scale factory farming.