New Jersey Votes To Block Direct Sales Of Tesla Vehicles

New Jersey Votes To Block Direct Sales Of Tesla Vehicles

The two Tesla stores in New Jersey might soon be locking up their doors, after the state’s Motor Vehicle Commission unanimously approved a proposal yesterday that blocks the electric-car maker from selling vehicles directly to customers. [More]


FDA Just Says No To Generic, Crushable Versions Of OxyContin

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration doesn’t want to make it too easy for people who might abuse the powerful painkiller OxyContin, and has such has declared that generic drug manufacturers cannot produce their own, crushable versions of the drug. 


(Carbon Arc)

Aereo Scores Key Win Against TV Networks That Claimed It Should Be Banned

Right about now, we imagine Aereo is doing a happy dance and singing a little “na na na na na naaaa!’ in the general direction of the major TV networks. See, broadcasters were ticked off that Aereo’s customers could stream their shows from the Internet using the Aereo system, and claimed that the company infringed on their copyrights. But the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the networks’ plea to shut down Aereo.


Ohio Punches Payday Lending Industry In The Face, Breaks Its Nose, And Laughs

Ohio Punches Payday Lending Industry In The Face, Breaks Its Nose, And Laughs

Gov. Ted Strickland, of the great state of Ohio, has signed a bill that punches the rapidly growing payday lending industry in the face. As we’ve mentioned before, the bill will cap interest rates at 28% and limits consumers to 4 payday loans per year. A typical payday loan charges around $15 per $100 borrowed on a 2 week loan, which works out to an interest rate of 391%.

Airhitch Hookup Ends in Bitchslap

Customer looks for answers from, a site that helps people hitchhike on commercial jets; instead, gets ass roundly handed to them. After the conversation turns deadly, the customer threatens to take a screenshot of the chat and send it around cyberworld, the Airhitch CSR tells him to, “Send it to GOD if you want.”