Arby’s Introduces Sliders That We Will Call Meat Molehills

Arby’s Introduces Sliders That We Will Call Meat Molehills

Sure, you can go to Arby’s and order the off-menu Meat Mountain, which comes in at an estimated 1,275 calories and will probably attract some attention wherever you eat it. Or you could sample the meats available from Arby’s in a more modest way: by trying the chain’s new selection of petite “sliders,” or mini sandwiches that max out at 290 calories. [More]


Back in 1921, when Edgar Waldo “Billy” Ingram and Walter Anderson imagined what their legacy would ultimately be, they probably didn’t believe that the country’s first fast food burger chain would become the subject of a movie about two pot-smoking pals caught up in a raunchy quest for a sack of small, square White Castle burgers. [More]

Craving Pizza And Burgers? White Castle Has You Covered

Have you ever been hungry late at night, but unsure whether you wanted to get burgers or pizza? Your dilemma has been solved, and not by that Pizza Hut monstrosity with tiny cheeseburgers in its crusts. No, this time it’s White Castle that has you covered: their “Slider Italiano Fest” features a pizza slider: that is, a slice of pepperoni, marinara sauce, and mozzarella cheese on an original (beef) slider. There are also chicken-based sliders. [Brand Eating]


There Is Apparently A White Castle Hall Of Fame & Alice Cooper Is Now In It

Some days, it’s like the world just opens its floodgates of knowledge and you have no choice but to stand there and let the waves crash over you, whether you want this new awareness or not. As such, we are now in possession of the knowledge that not only does White Castle have a hall of fame for a precious few dedicated customers, but rocker Alice Cooper has gained entry. [More]